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10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Published by Garrett Bruzek

www.frightcatalog.com is a great site for inexpensive tombstones)

2. Haunt Your House! Turn out the lights and put orange bulbs in your window candles to add a spooky glow to your house.

3. Break out the boom box, hide it in a bush and make sure the neighborhood can hear your creepy organ music or scary movie soundtrack tunes (lots of Halloween CD choices on www.amazon.com)

4. The annual pilgrimage to the pumpkin patch is a must for every family. Check your local paper for fall festivals so the kids can have fun while picking out the family jack-o-lanterns!

5. Be the house to visit after trick-or-treating. The kids are too sugared up to sleep anyway, so you may as well have the neighbors over for some pumpkin soup, a Halloween pinata, or a round of pin-the-nose-on-the pumpkin. Check out the Halloween games at www.orientaltrading.com

6. Dress up! Yeah, you, Mom and Dad! Halloween is for grown-ups, too! Kids love to see parents decked out as Batman and Wonder Woman or Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein. There is a special section of ‘couples’ costumes on www.buycostumes.com

7. Ghosts in the trees are easy to make using old sheets or mosquito netting. Insert a green light stick into a balloon and blow it up to make the ‘head’ of the ghost for a ghoulish glow.

8. Don’t forget to put the ‘trick’ in ‘trick or treat’ on Halloween night! A headless horseman holding the candy bowl could be your teenage son… the kids always remember the house where they had fun being scared!

9. Fog machines are cheap and available everywhere nowadays. Pick one up and add another dimension to your spooky sounds and graveyard!

10. Forget those little candy bars- you will truly be the King & Queen of Halloween in your neighborhood when you are the house on the block giving out The Full Size Candy Bars!! You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive they can be compared to the bags- buy on sale at the checkout when they are four for a dollar!

Most of all- HAVE FUN! Halloween has always been about fun- let’s keep this American holiday alive proudly!

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