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10 Must-Play Halloween Games

Published by Justin Ewert

mobile devices and you can control him in the fast paced thrilling game. You go through multiple 3D levels as you must kill all of the victims as quickly as possible.

Monster Golf – Online: Play a Halloween themed mini-golf game on the addicting website Miniclip.com. The game has 18 different monster holes with great themed obstacles.

Friday the 13th– NES/Online: Play the classic NES mystery title that’s based off the popular movie series. You must travel through Camp Crystal Lake to find Jason, clues and escape the mayhem.

Scene It: Horror Movies 2 – iOS & Android Devices: Test your horror movie knowledge with questions and clips from some of the best movies. This is a great party game and is a great conversation starter as you discuss some of your favorite horror films.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – Wii: Finally a Wii game for adults. This Silent Hill is a remake of the original with new graphics and storyline twists. Play this game in the dark for the ultimate scare.

Saw – Xbox 360: Jigsaw comes to life in this survival horror mystery that pits you in some of the deadly traps. Plots tie into the movies and bring out a lot of gore in the process.

Clive Barker’s Jericho – Xbox 360, PS3 & PC: A world of horror is brought to life in a game that mixes scares with supernatural powers. It takes a long time to finish this creepy game that should be turned into a movie.

Ghostbusters – Wii: The Wii remote is the perfect ghost-sucking tool in this funny and fast-paced game based off the movie series.

Monster House – Gamecube: Based off the movie, Monster House features a good mix of action and scares for young children. There is a lot of content in the game that loosely follows the events of the movie. Traveling through the house is the best part of the game.

Translymania – Online: This puzzle game pits you as a vampire as you try to get the villagers out of your home. It’s quick paced and the later levels become a real challenge for younger players.

Enjoy all these games on Halloween or year round!

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