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10 Nontraditional Ideas for Halloween Candy

Published by Sterling Thesing

Halloween candy and other treats.

1. Vegan Halloween candy –

Hand out candy without the guilt of animal torture and animal sacrifice. These five vegan Halloween candy ideas include fruit flavored nibbles and chocolate for the more traditional minded vegan.

2. Gluten-free Halloween candy –

Kids with gluten allergies or celiac disease no longer have to opt out of trick or treating this Halloween with these suggestions for gluten-free Halloween candy. Adding a celiac-friendly candy to your treat bowl can ensure that little ghosts who abstain from gluten can enjoy a treat too!

3. Dairy-free Halloween treats –

For the vegan crowd or lactose-intolerant child, there is always homemade, dairy-free Halloween candy. These Halloween themed recipes include child pleasing titles such as Witch’s Fingernails and Dirt Cups. These Halloween treats are a perfect addition to any Halloween party.

4. Organic Halloween candy –

Organic candy isn’t made of carob anymore. Here are several options for organic candy, including toffee and chocolate.

5. Fair Trade Halloween candy –

This Halloween, give out candy that doesn’t involve child labor and where the farmer is paid a decent wage. Usually the idea of fair trade Halloween candy invokes ideas of expensive chocolate but this list has a variety of ideas at a variety of prices.

6. Gross Halloween candy –

Looking for a treat that isn’t necessarily tempting? Look no further than this list of gross Halloween candy. Gummy tarantulas work well for the arachnophobe and for the squeamish there are gumball eyes filled with cherry-flavored red liquid.

7. Halloween alternatives for diabetic kids –

Children who cannot eat candy, whether they are diabetic, hypoglycemic or just have controlling parents, can still enjoy Halloween with these give away ideas.

8. Eco-friendly Halloween bags –

Forget those plastic Halloween pumpkins, instead go eco-friendly to frugally hold your Halloween haul. Either go all out and craft a Halloween candy container or fall back to the old standby, the pillowcase. Which ever you choose, the planet thanks you.

9. Make your own Halloween candy –

Homemade Halloween candy is great for Halloween parties or bringing to the office. This list has ideas for making candy corn, Wizard’s Wands or Coconut Brains. Regardless of your occasion, there are ideas for a unique candy addition to Halloween.

10. Traditional Halloween favorites –

If you have been in a coma for 20 years and don’t know what people hand out to trick or treaters on Halloween. Warning: This list is full of chocolate from the Mars Corporation and Hershey’s Corporation.

Just don’t hand out evangelical tracts. It is a waste of paper and only annoys people.

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