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10 Tips for a Romantic Halloween

Published by Randy Haseltine

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When people think of Halloween they usually think about silly monsters, Frankenstein, witches, ghosts, and jack o’ lanterns. Few people realize the romance and splendor of Halloween. This Halloween can be a romantic one for you and your loved one. The following are ten suggestions for a more romantic Halloween:

First, watch some vampire movies and see the romance between Dracula and some of his female victims. The blood is a powerful symbol of life and passion.

Secondly, plan to go to a Halloween social where people will dress up as different characters. These events can always be romantic, since singles are always looking to meet someone special; and what a night to meet someone, since everyone is going to being wearing an interesting disguise making them all the more mysterious and appealing.

Third, plan to be a famous couple with your partner for Halloween; you can be Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde, Pocahontas and John smith, Jack Skellington and Sally, or Scarlet O’Hara and Clark Gable from Gone with the Wind.

Fourth, plan an indoor stay home with your partner and plan to really role play out a famous couple. Hopefully, the children will be out trick o’ treating.

Fifth, you can plan a special Halloween dinner with your spouse at a restaurant. Have an older child watch over the younger ones, while they are out gathering candy. Go to a fancy five star restaurant to celebrate the fall season.

Sixth, for the guys you can have your wife or girlfriend dress up as Elvira or a naughty witch, or better yet, Red Riding Hood- this would be a more mature suggestion. Got out to a masquerade party and then come back home for a night cap.

Seventh, if you or your spouse just want to relax; stay home and watch Halloween movies on cable television. There is usually a marathon of Halloween movies on television. Let your girl get terrified and she’ll fall into your arms for comfort and protection and maybe something more.

Eighth, take your loved one out for a night of trick o’ treating. No one has to know, wear masks or just accompany your children or younger siblings.

Ninth, if you or your partner are not big Halloween people just go on a conventional date. Go see a movie and enjoy the quiet and space, while everybody’s out with the mob. Have a peaceful, quiet, and romantic Halloween with you and your loved one.

Tenth, if you are believers in earth religions or paganism, enjoy a celebration with others on Samhain night. There are many elaborate ancient rites and rituals to celebrate the death of the sun, the end of the solar season, and the beginnings of a new cycle.

So for a more romantic Halloween follow the ten guidelines to enjoy a loving Halloween on an otherwise, dark and scary night.



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