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10 Tips for Chaperoning a Halloween Party

Published by Arletha Kropfelder

Halloween Party Chaperons may face many challenges. Some most common difficulties and mistakes chaperones make include: making sure that children don’t leave by themselves, making sure children are respecting each other, making sure everyone is safe and having fun, preventing alcohol use. There are many good and safe ways to be a good Chaperon during a Halloween Party. Here are 10 Tips for Chaperoning a Halloween Party.

#10 Make sure that all the children are checked in

One good thing a Chaperon should to during a Halloween party is to make sure the children that are supposed to be at the party are checked in. Either you can make a list of the children that are going to be there, and when they come in check there name off. Also when you check children in make sure they put down a contact number for a parent just for emergency. Another good thing is to give all children a name tag when they check in so you know who they are.

#9 Have a list of rules for the party, and let the children know about them

When the children come in you should either pass out a list of the rules for the party, or let them know what the lists are. Also make sure the rules are enforced during the party.

#8 Try to keep the children in one central location

When having a party a Chaperon should try to keep all the kids in one room that way you can watch everyone. If kids are in more than one room or area it is harder to see what they are up to and if they are safe.

#7 If a child is being unruly, call their parent to pick them up

If a child is being unruly or causing trouble let them know that their behavior is not suitable for the party. You can give them a warning at first, but if they continue to misbehave either call their parents or take them home.

#6 keep your eye out for anything unusual

Make sure to be alert when chaperoning. Look for anything out of the ordinary.

#5 Have a schedule of events for the children

Make a schedule of events or things for children to do. That way you know they are having fun and are being safe.

#4 Make sure Children have a safe way of going home

Always make sure a child has a safe way of going home. If you need to you can always offer a ride or walk them home.

#3 Do not let a Child go home by themselves

Make sure no child goes home by themselves. It is your responsibility as a chaperon to make sure the child gets home safely.

#2 Make sure all children are checked out

To help make sure all children get home okay, make sure you check everyone out.

#1 Make sure everyone is having fun, but is also safe

The most important thing is that everyone is having fun but are safe and not doing anything they aren’t suppose to

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