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10 Tips for Great Halloween Pictures

Published by Randy Haseltine

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The night is growing dark, the wind is gusting softly, leaves are falling slowly across the yard and the ghouls and goblins have come out to play. You want to take memorable pictures of Halloween night but the fear has gotten inside you. Will the pictures turn out black, fuzzed or blurry? The horror of taking Halloween pictures on this special night may scare you witless but here are some great tips to make your Halloween memories last a lifetime.

Use the Camera Correctly-

If you have a disposable camera for your Halloween night remembrances then you should read the packaging first. You may have to hold down a special button to get the flash to work. A flash is extremely important if most of your pictures are at night.

Use a Flash-

A flash is an extremely important element to a camera for taking pictures at night. Whether you have a Digital camera or a disposable camera make sure the flash works properly before taking your pictures.

The Setting-

The greatest Halloween pictures are taken in the perfect settings. Grave yards, haunted houses and gruesomely decorated yards add the special element to your Halloween photos.


Before taking pictures on Halloween night, make sure everyone is dressed for the occasion. This is the time for vampires, ghosts and other creatures of the night to shine.

Scary Faces and Poses-

Some of the best pictures for Halloween night have your fellow Halloweeners making scary faces. Scary poses are great also. Zombie like walks through creepy grass and howling werewolves make excellent Halloween pictures.

Time of Day-

Halloween photos can be taken any time during the day or at night but remember to use your flash when the sun starts to set. Dusk is a great time to take your Halloween pictures as you will have a nice orange and red background.

Double Check-

Double check your camera before you begin taking the beautiful pictures of your Halloween crowd and celebration. You want to make sure your digital camera has a Memory card and that your regular cameras have film loaded properly. The last thing you want is to take 25 pictures on Halloween then find out you forgot to load the film!

Move Around-

Get pictures of your Halloween adventurers from all angles by moving around. You will be surprised at what great shots you get from different perspectives. This is also a great way to get motion shots. Hayrides are a very popular thing for Halloween. Moving around will help you get some great pictures of this.

Enjoy Yourself-

When you are having fun taking pictures then it will be reflected in the shots you get. Relax and just start snapping photos. Halloween should be a safe, fun time of year. When you as the photographer are relaxed then the ones in the photo will be more relaxed. Also you don’t need to pose everyone properly. Some of the best Halloween pictures are the silly things we catch on camera from a kid sneaking trick or treats to an adult scaring another adult by jumping from around a tree.

Get a Group Photo-

This is the ultimate Great Halloween Photo! Gather your group of costumer’s, trick or treater’s, family and friends. Take a snapshot of them all together. This is the photo you will love most through out the years to come.

Use these tips and stomp the fears of the blurry, fuzzed and black photos right in its tracks. Let the horrors of Halloween picture taking be behind you. You will have enough fears, scares and spooks to deal with on Halloween without worrying about the fear of your camera. Stay safe this Halloween!

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