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2016 Halloween Movie Marathons on TV

Published by Hector Meroney

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October is a great time for movie marathons of our favorite horror films, or in some cases the cheesy scary ones. Here is a guide to my top 5 channels and the marathons they are doing. Ask your friends and/or family to bring their favorite snacks and make a night out watching your favorite scary movies.
Syfy, which was formally SciFi, is doing 31 days of Halloween. The movies are on at different times, so please check their schedule at www.syfy.com and that starts with October 1st. You will also notice various marathons they are doing like Tales From The Darkside on October 1st starting at 8 am.

Turner Classic Movie Channel has various horror movies throughout the month, so be sure to visit their schedule at www.tcm.com. On the 30th you will find a horror movie marathon starting at 7:15am with The Mask of Fu Manchu lasting until 6:45 pm with Isle of The Dead. On Halloween they start at 8pm with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and end at 3:45 am the following morning with The Son of Dr Jekyll. There are also a few horror movies on during the day as well.

The Movie Channel has a marathon on the 31st starting at 5:10 with 1408. They have a few other movies earlier in the day, but this marathon starting at 5:10 lasting until 4 am the following morning with another showing of 1408. Please see their schedule at www.sho.com. Don’t forget to see what horror movies they might be playing all month long.

HBO Family East HD will be having a marathon of Ghost Trackers on the 31st starting at 2pm and the last one starting at 11:30pm. This one is more family friendly if you have younger children. Please see the line up at www.hbo.com and go to HBO Family East HD line.

Showtime Beyond is having a horror/thriller marathon as well on the 31st starting at 2:15 with Manhunter lasting until 11:45pm with Mortuary. Please check their schedule at www.sho.com.

Remember this is a great reason to watch a horror movie marathon. Make some great Halloween snacks, or ask your friends and/or family to bring their favorites. Don’t forget the sleeping bags since this can take you well into the next day. Remember to see what other movies they are playing during the month, you can just set your DVR and have your own movie marathon with movies you are guaranteed to love.




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