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2016’s Halloween Trends

Published by Rosie Trullinger

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2016’s Halloween will be one of the most popular events for costumes. One costume will be seen at every Halloween party. Due to his historical election win, everybody will undoubtedly want to wear an Obama costume.

Even in the wake of a shaky economy the number of people has increased and even created a trend amongst them. If you have a budget between 40-200 $ you can honestly say you have enough to buy a costume that will be the envy of your friends.

Like any clothes costumes are categorized for 3 types of people.

Men’s costumes:

One of the must have costumes is the Joker costume. The Grand Heritage Costume Collection has released the best Joker costume with an affordable price tag. Excepting the shoes the kit comes with everything you need to become a worthy character. The kit also includes make up so that you don’t have to borrow anything from friends.

Darth Vader is another costume that is always present at any Halloween party. If you are a fan of the infamous leader with just under $100 you can buy the complete kit and be ready to become the center of attention.

Another popular costume is that of Lt. Dangle from Reno 911. The TV show’s fans have been growing in the last few years. If you’re into wearing shorts and want to impress the ladies then you’re in luck Lt. Dangle’s costume is the one for you. This costume will be available all year on the Internet and it comes with a price tag of less than $40.

Women’s costumes:

One of the all time favorite female costume is the Playboy Bunny. It never ceases to make an impression and it also comes at a very cheap price.

Popular yet stylish, Beth from the famous TV show “Dog the bounty hunter” is both good for making impressions and also catching the spotlight. This costume will be available all year.

Austin Powers Fembot the famous and sexy android that captured the attention of both male and female viewers is a costume that is certain to give you that sexy edge at a party and also very affordable.

Kids’ costumes:

A costume that is a must have for teens is Hannah Montana the famous part time singer from the TV series “Hannah Montana”. Who wouldn’t want to be a pop sensation at this year’s Halloween party?

One of the few foreign characters that made it into American stardom is Naruto. This lovable ramen eating ninja has finally got on sale a costume that is complete with a plastic dagger and the famous Hidden Mist Village headband.

Another popular character and already a movie star is Harry Potter. This wizard’s costume has been in the top ten for several years now and it’s going for this year as well. Harry Potter costumes can be easily found at affordable prices and can make any kid happy on Halloween.



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