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5 Alternates to Halloween Trick or Treat Candy

Published by Amie Morrow

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Do You Hate Halloween Because Your Children Bring Home so Much Candy?

It is the holiday for cavities and I don’t care to give my already hyper children chocolate and other sweets that will hype them up even more. I decided this year that I was going to hand out alternatives to candy and let my children do it. I am going to try to teach them that there are other foods that are delicious and good to eat other than candy. Besides I usually end up hiding their candy every Halloween anyway, after they have finished destroying my home.

When I thought of these ideas I had to keep in mind that I wouldn’t want my children to get homemade food or other foods that have been re-wrapped, so I took this into consideration for what I would give to other children. Since Halloween is just around the corner, I went on a hunt for great tasting healthy foods that kids will eat.

The first item is individual packs of popcorn. These are manufacturer wrapped items and come in all different varieties. The second will be sugar-free packs of gum. This way they still get that gum they love to chew and it won’t cause those nasty little cavities. The third items are granola bars or cereal bars. These also come in different varieties and children will eat these like there’s no tomorrow, (at least my children do). The fourth item are Slim Jims. You can purchase these in a big can and serve at least 10 to 25 children out of one can. The last but certainly not least are individual bags of pretzels or chips. Another bundle that you can purchase and have many to give.

There are many other food alternatives to give out. You’ll just have to search and look for healthy items that children love to eat.



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