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5 DIY Halloween Sound Effects

Published by Merideth Martindale

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5 DIY Halloween Sound Effects – There is nothing that adds more to the fun and spirit of Halloween than Halloween Sound Effects. There are many types of spooky sounds and creepy sounds that you can buy on CD’s. However, it is fairly easy to make your own Halloween sound effects right at home that can be recorded and played on the big night of October 31. So get your recording device set up and get ready to make some really cool Halloween Sound Effects. Here are 5 DIY Halloween Sound Effects that will be sure to add the festivities of all Hallows Eve.

Creepy Sounds

Get empty tin cans, some chains and pots and pans. You will need some help with this creepy sound making adventure. Start clinking the tin cans, have some one else shake the chains and use a metal spoon to hit on the pans. Try to doing all the sounds together and then separately, makings sure to mix up the noises so that it seems very chaotic.

Howling Sounds

Do you get frustrated when Fido hollows in the middle of night? Put that dog to work and have him hollow on cue for you to make a really creepy recording of the hollowing sounds! No one would ever guess it was your sweet puppy making those creepy noises.

Scary Sounds

Go to the garage and put some of those tools to work to make some scary sounds. A chain saw starting up is one of the most scary noises I have ever heard especially on a dark night! A lawn mower is another scary noise. Just make sure that only an adult attempts to make the scary sounds, chains saws and lawn mowers can be dangerous for younger people, we are wanting to have fun with this and not making a scary trip to the hospital!

Evil Laugh

You would be surprised with a little practice at how good you can become at evil laughing. Think of some one that is not on your top ten list and how you would like to scare them this Halloween season, you may just feel a little evil laugh slipping out between your lips, be sure to record it!

Spooky Sounds

Get a group of friends together and start making the ghost sounds that we have heard so many times on movies and TV shows. A group of friends making ghost sounds together can sound quite spooky!

DIY Halloween Sound Effects can be very fun to make, it is not only a fun activity but it is also a cheap way to make recorded Halloween Sounds!



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