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7 Ways to Go Green This Halloween

Published by Selina Gugliotti

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Going green is more than just helping the planet and our environment. It’s a lifestyle. That’s why every day, it’s important to conserve, reduce, reuse and recycle to help minimize our impact on the world’s limited resources. This holds especially true when the holidays come around and consumption skyrockets. Avoid the unhealthy and planet damaging Halloween supplies and use these top seven eco-friendly ideas to go green this Halloween.

Treat Bags

It’s important to keep from using plastic throwaway treat bags when you and your kids go out trick or treating. In lieu of a plastic pumpkin candy container, use a classic: the pillow case or cloth shopping bag. If you’re looking for the ultimate Halloween treat bag, check out these reusable Halloween green treat bags.

Decorate with Nature

Using nature to help with your fall decorations is a great way to get fantastic looking Halloween décor design and be green doing it. From fall leaves to pumpkins to gourds, growing and finding your own natural fall décor is a great way to get the perfect eco-friendly design.

Partying Down

Halloween parties are a common tradition. Opt for washable cups, utensils and plates instead of throwaway dishes. Have everyone bring a homemade dish to prevent plastics and other throwaway containers from being used. Serve healthy organic foods like pumpkin cake, homemade apple cider and vegetables to keep the green in Halloween.

Halloween Lighting

Keeping your front porch well-lit can really consume a lot of power in just one night. Combine that with everyone else’s home in the neighborhood and you’ve got a huge power drain. Instead of using fossil fuel powered lighting, use natural bees wax tea light candles and these cool Halloween tea light covers for the ultimate eco-friendly and well-lit driveway.

Kids Crafts

Letting your kids decorate for Halloween is part of the Halloween tradition. By using recycled items like old egg cartons to create bats, carving organically grown pumpkins and using natural hand paints to decorate windows, you can still let the kids to have a blast while keeping it eco-friendly this Halloween.

Fair Trade Chocolate

Whether you’re getting or giving out candy, it’s hard to believe chocolate can be a bad thing. An unfair trade agreement between huge chocolate companies and the poor locals who pick the cocoa, the plant that gives chocolate its taste, creates unfair working conditions. At Globalexchange.com, these unfair trade laws, child labor practices and other well-guarded chocolate secrets can be uncovered. Give out fair trade chocolate for Halloween this year.

Recycle your Costumes

Once you’re done with this year’s costumes, save them in the attic or basement for next year. You can also donate used costumes to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Buy your costumes used and make sure your kids are going green for Halloween!



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