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A Checklist to Help Make Your Halloween Perfect

Published by Shondra Hickle

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Halloween has become increasingly more popular each year for kids and adults alike. With more parties, more costumes, and more decorations to keep track of, a checklist for Halloween preparation is a necessity. Here are some things to consider for your Halloween checklist.

Interior decorations:

  • put up any Halloween or fall decorations throughout your home.
  • get out your “scary” Halloween music and horror movies.
  • use seasonally-scented candles throughout the home (think apple pie, pumpkin, vanilla, and spice).

Exterior decorations:

  • check “Halloween” (orange and black) lights and put them up.
  • think about switching a couple of exterior lights to orange or black bulbs.
  • put up Halloween flags and/or banners.
  • put out pumpkins and/or jack o’ lanterns, scarecrows, and other “creepy” creatures (witches, ghosts, skeletons).
  • if you have a front porch or seating area, consider creating a Halloween scene, with hay bales or rocking chairs, scarecrows, pumpkins, corn stalks, crows, and other Halloween and fall-related decor.


  • make sure everyone in your household who needs one has a costume (don’t forget the pets!).
  • if the costume needs fixing or alterations (ripped seams, too long, loose pieces), get it fixed before it’s needed.
  • make sure you have any necessary accessories (wigs, face paint, fake teeth, special shoes, etc.).
  • make sure the costume is flame-retardant.

Trick-or-treat safety (check out yankeehalloween.com for additional tips):

  • make sure you’ve checked everything off the above “costume” list.
  • make sure your trick-or-treater has a flashlight with working batteries, or a glow-stick.
  • trick-or-treat in groups for safety, and make sure an adult (or two) is present for groups of younger children.
  • find an appropriate bag or bucket for collecting the “bounty,” and consider bringing an extra plastic bag “just in case.”
  • walk on sidewalks when available, or stay on the left side of the street facing traffic.
  • go over traffic safety rules with trick-or-treaters.
  • go to houses with exterior lights on.
  • always go to the front door when trick-or-treating.
  • stay away from pets – they make react badly to strange costumes, even if they know you otherwise.

Halloween parties:

  • if you or your family are invited to multiple parties, make sure to RSVP to all, and keep track of the dates and times of all parties.
  • get host gifts for your party hosts.
  • if you are holding a party, plan ahead – the further you plan ahead, the easier it will be to get decorations and costumes.
  • plan your menu ahead of time so grocery shopping and cooking will be easy.
  • consider picking a theme, around which you can coordinate your invitations, decorations, background music/movies/noises, and even costumes.

While this is not an exhaustive checklist, these are some basic things to remember when preparing for Halloween – have a safe and happy one!



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