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A Halloween Alternative to Candy

Published by Anthony Fukada

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Healthy Trick or Treat Snack Ideas

This Halloween, your kids will undoubtedly be inundated with tons of candy and junk food. Everything is good in moderation. However, since trick or treating offers up such a wide variety of chocolate and candy, why not offer your own healthy alternative. Here are some tasty and fun ideas for trick or treat offerings for the kids:

  1. Mini boxes of raisins. Many now come with fun cartoon characters on them and can be found in most grocery stores.
  2. Granola bars. There are lots of bar options that have chocolate chips, marshmallows or something fun in them, without being all fat and sugar!
  3. Mini bags of popcorn. Fun, festive and a great healthy snack alternative.
  4. Fruit rolls. These are tasty, sweet, colorful treats. Most grocery stores have organic options that skip the high sugar and corn syrup additives.
  5. 100-calorie packs. Many snack companies now offer these small bags of treat like cookies, chips and more, but in a calorie and fat conscious option.
  6. Applesauce. You can find mini containers in fun flavors, and most now offer a no-sugar added option for a healthy but tasty treat for kids.

Whatever you choose to hand out or give to your kids this Halloween, remember that some fun is good fun when it comes to snacking. Just make sure to keep your kids informed about health food and knowledgeable about the choices your family makes together.



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