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A Halloween Themed Prom

Published by Mora Ehrenberg

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Welcome to Jones High school, as the school planner, this year we plan to incorporate Halloween into this year’s prom. The combination of prom and Halloween is a unique concept. Before you can begin the planning of this prom, be sure to include the number of students attending in the planning process. Here at Jones High school, there are 1500 hundred students; this number may double due to the dates of the students.

As the principal of this high school, the local college gym will be rented out for the night. This has already been set for October 31st. It already has been prearranged with the dean of students at the college. It is now the second week of August, the preparations and plans need to be made now. The contents of this article are giving you the guidance on creating the perfect prom for the students and their dates.

First things first an invite to the students need to be made within the week and sent out to each student on campus. The invites need to go a long with the theme. Halloween isn’t just the theme for prom. A graveyard/cemetery is the proper term for the theme. Why a graveyard? The graveyard is the holy ground for all creatures to gather underneath the full moon. It is where all the trouble begins.

The style of the flyers or invitations which ever you prefer needs to be in the shape of a tombstone. Old English lettering is perfect for the theme. As you know the colors of the tombstones are gray, no need to explain the color. The size is up to you. Each invitation will be handed out on the 15th of this month.

There will be costume regulations for this dance. No student will be allowed to enter the premises if their garments are revealing. The costumes should relate to the theme of Halloween such as ghosts, witches, or even corpses. I repeat no student will be permitted into the dance, if there costume is revealing. Masks are alright to wear.

The decorations for this themed prom are quite easy to plan. Decorations for Halloween can be found worldwide. Every department, specialty shop will be available for shopping. Not only do stores have what you need, but the internet is a vastly growing industry of finding unique items for Halloween decorations. Decorations can be of the following, fake tombstones, full moon, flying bats, and ghosts. But do not let this stop your imagination. Let your imagination run wild. The decorations should stay in the cemetery themed.

Many online stores and department stores have many options for the music. If you cannot find anything that does fit your liking, create your own. Music will bring together the theme and the students into a scary event.

At the end of this article, many websites will be given to help you in your journey in creating the best prom ever. The food menu should be interesting and creative. Keep in mind the theme of the prom. There are many variations to try for the menu. A witch’s brew, which is simply beef stew, can be served in a black cauldron. Do you know a witch who doesn’t eat brew? Every witch has their own variation in the brew.

A witch’s brew isn’t a brew without a beverage. Red fruit punch is perfect for this evening. The redness of the punch can represent “blood.” The “blood” beverage is ideal for the “vampires” who will be attending. A bubbling sprite will be the ideal drink for witches and other guests attending.

Prom is a special night for everyone attending. I want this night to be perfect. As the planner you need to create a list of everything before purchasing or decorating anything. The websites given you to here in this context will you in the right direction. After reading this article, please consult with me first. A budget plan will be given you at our meeting.

Have fun and I enjoy looking forward to working with you on this theme for this year’s prom.



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