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A Super Scary Halloween Dinner!

Published by Veta Kannady

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Halloween is one of the funnest holidays of the whole year. Creating a fun Halloween dinner is memorable for the whole family. This dinner would be great for parties, couples, or for just having fun! This is a kid-friendly dinner, that can get even the pickiest children to eat. It’s important for children to eat before they go Trick or Treating. If they don’t, then they will be tempted to eat out of their Trick or Treat buckets, before they get home (just eat earlier)! This dinner planning is for a family of four!

First thing is first:

Decorate a table with any Halloween themed tablecloth of your choice! An plain orange tablecloth is nice. Get some Halloween dishes; black plates, clear plastic cups, and cutlery to eat with. You can offset your table by adding green napkins. You can decorate the table with a few fake spiders or skeletons. You can throw a few confetti pieces on the table.

Here is how to make your own and you’ll need:

*A hole puncher

*2 half pieces of construction paper green and black

A bag or a bowl to store contents

Using the hole puncher; punch as many holes out as you can and put the little circles in a bag or a bowl.

For dinner you can make Spaghetti and Arteries, Eyeball salad, Monster garlic bread, and Sewer water W/ rollie pollies. For dessert Worms in Dirt.

For the spaghetti and arteries; you’ll need:

*Spaghetti pasta

*A jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce

*A can if stewed tomatoes

Cook pasta as directed on package, thinly slice tomatoes in to small strips , drain well, over medium-low heat add sauce and tomatoes, heat until hot. If you prefer you can add pre-made meatballs; you can use food coloring to dye the meatballs green and call them slime balls.

Eyeball salad, you’ll need:

*Green lettuce (cut up) or bagged salad

*4 hard boiled eggs

* 8 green or blue jelly beans or defrosted frozen peas; if you want to keep it healthier
* food coloring- red and black

*Large Serving bowl


In a large serving bowl add lettuce; in a separate platter cut hard boiled eggs in half (the width way), face them down (careful that the yolk doesn’t fall out or you can take them out completely and cut them up in your salad, put a jelly bean at the tip of each half, put a dot of black food coloring in the center of the jelly bean, next put a few drops of red food coloring in a tiny bowl, measuring cup, or anything else that is small, next put the tip of the toothpick in the red food coloring and draw squiggly lines from the jelly bean to the back; put salad on plate and place the eyeballs on top of the salad.

Monster garlic bread, you’ll need:

*A loaf of French bread

*1 Cup of Softened butter or margarine

*1/2 TBSP Garlic powder


*food coloring

Cut the bread into slices, mix the softened butter and the garlic powder well. butter the bread lightly, but evenly,. place on baking sheet, shove it in the oven for 15 minutes or until lightly brown at 375 degrees, now using a toothpick draw monster faces on the slices.

Sewer water w/ rollie pollies

*Mountain Dew soda


Fill clear plastic cups with soda and add a few raisins to each. This will look like sewer water.

Worms and Dirt!

*Chocolate graham crackers
* Gummy Worms

This is so easy to make! Just get those clear plastic cups, grind graham crackers in a chopper of food processer or find a way to grind them up, pour the crumbs in the cups 1/4 – 1/2 way up and add some gummy worms! There you have Worms in Dirt!



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