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A Trick or a Treat?: A Halloween Short Story

Published by Sunshine Wild

Halloween candy out onto his bed. A decent haul. He smiled as he grabbed a Snicker’s mini candy bar and proceeded to devour it in one bite. He quickly ate up all of the chocolate candy first, then started on the rest of assorted licorice, hard candy, sweet tarts and gummy bears. Soon, a massive pile of candy wrappers formed on his bed. He dug through them and to his surprise, his hand found a very hard object. He picked it up and stared at it in disbelief.

Someone had given him rock. A rock! He looked at it closely. It was shaped like a miniature mountain and it was an ugly dirt brown color. Still, it had an interesting shape. It appeared to have faint sparkles in it, almost like a fine dusting of glitter, so tiny that he could barely see it, among the dingy brown of the rock. He wondered where in the world he had gotten it from. Who had given him a rock? He tried to remember each house he had visited but, he went trick or treating at so many, it was impossible to figure out who had given him a rock. He sat the rock on his bedside table, kicked off his shoes, swept the candy wrappers onto the floor, turned out his light and snuggled deep into his covers. He immediately fell asleep.

He woke up a few hours later to a very strange noise. Something in the room was hissing and popping. He glanced at his bedside table and was too shocked to scream. The rock was glowing, the flecks of glitter, now a deep orange color and the rock was making a sizzling noise. Hiss. Pop. He heard a low grumble, almost like the sound of thunder. A deep voice said Happy Halloween. Make a wish!

Billy shut his eyes tight and started praying for the voice to go away but, it kept repeating a request for his Halloween wish. After a few more minutes, Billy decided to do just that, wishing for all of the candy in the world. The voice stopped. Billy was too frightened and ashamed to go tell his parents what had happened. The voice had stopped and they would think he had surely eaten too much Halloween candy, if he told them what he had heard. He sighed and fell back to sleep.

When Billy woke up the next morning, he couldn’t move. He opened his eyes and finally shook his head frantically to get some movement. A mountain of candy was on top of him. He could not see anything but massive piles of candy. He began to scream loudly and that is when his father opened his bedroom door. Candy started moving. The sound was quite loud, the mountain of candy rushing out of the room, into the hall. There it started piling up at his dad’s feet. His father started screaming “What have you done? I’ll not be paying for all of this! Did you charge this on my credit card?”

Billy screamed a denial and started crying. His mother came to the door and told his father that the entire garage was filled with candy. She couldn’t see the car and where did it come from, what were they to do, all of that came out in a rush. It occurred to Billy that he should have woken his parents up before making a wish. It was too late now. Huge piles of candy were forming in the street outside of Billy’s house. He knew it would not be too much longer before he was taken to jail. He did it, after all. But, he couldn’t tell them that. Unless he was soon crushed under the weight of all the candy. Then, it wouldn’t matter.

Never in his life would he have thought that he would have the thought he was thinking. He thought to himself that Halloween was over and the candy should be gone with it. Poof! The candy was gone. Oh, thank God, he got another wish. He reached over and grabbed the rock off of his bedside table and threw it as hard as he could, straight through his bedroom window. It landed somewhere in the yard. His mother screamed. His father looked quite shocked. Billy started telling his parents what had happened. Somehow, even after he finished his tale, he knew that they never would quite believe him. He really didn’t care. The candy was gone. That was all that mattered.

Billy never went trick or treating ever again and when asked why, he stated that the treats were not worth the tricks. Noone knew what he meant. But, Billy did. Happy Halloween and kids, mind your greed.

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