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A Victorian-Themed Halloween

Published by Winnifred Raridon

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How to Throw a Victorian Style Halloween Party

Halloween originates from long ago. However, most Halloween ideas and customs were inspired by the Victorian Halloween. Obsessed with what was proper as well as forbidden, Victorians loved Halloween for the simple fact that it was the only holiday that allowed them to let loose. An informal barn dance or a formal sit down dinner party can bring back the Victorian era.

Predicting and controlling the future delighted the Victorians more than anything. Hiring a fortune teller or playing a fortune telling game is a fun way to bring Victorian traditions back into the modern Halloween celebration. Topics such as romance, marriage, and money are sure to be crowd pleasers when it comes to including divination as a party attraction. Flirting with a potential spouse is what brought many young singles to the celebration and is in fact why many Victorian Halloween parties were held.

Party invitations are a great way to set the tone for the event. Never cheat the guests by emailing an invitation. Beautiful and ornate paper invitations lavishly decorated are a fabulous way to set the party mood. The Victorian Halloween party invitation can be dark but not gory in nature. Skeletons can be illustrated on the invitation and should be dancing rather than covered in blood with ripped sections of flesh.

A barn dance or party that imitates a barn dance is a great informal party theme that reflects a Victorian Halloween. Decorations can include hay bales, dried grains, corn stalks, and lanterns. Jack-o-lanterns are another way to bring the Victorian era back to a Halloween celebration. Careful preparing and precautions must be taken when combining dried grains, hay bales, and lit candles in order to prevent the risk of fire.

Victorian Halloween parties often included baked apples, apple ciders, and fruitcakes among the variety of offerings at an informal barn party. Games were also a way for guests to enjoy the festivities. Apples were tied and hung from a string allowing guests the difficult task of trying to bite into the fruit and is also known as snap the apple. Other games enjoyed by guests included bobbing for apples and treasure hunts. Ghost stories were often told to set the Halloween mood at the party.

Formal Victorian Halloween parties are also a good way to bring the spirit of the Victorian lifestyle into the present time. Victorian Halloween dinner parties include all of the same indulgences as any fancy dinner party. Tablecloths, fine china, and the good silver can be brought out for this special occasion without question. Delicious varieties of roasted meats, fancy breads, and salads should be on the menu of a formal style Victorian Halloween party. Serve plenty of ciders and wine to capture the Victorian Halloween party theme. Decadent pies and elaborate cakes should nicely round out the dinner party leading the way to more fun and games.

Feasting, story telling, and fortune telling are great ways to entertain guests at a Victoria Halloween style party. Lavish foods, drinks, and decorations will add to the theme while providing a rich sense of history and style. Beautifully detailed ornate paper invitations will give guests a feel for the Victorian era during Halloween setting the mood of this wonderful get together. Enjoy bringing this era back to modern day parties with traditional Victorian Halloween customs giving guests the opportunity to travel back in time for a night of fun packed adventure.



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