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All-time Best Halloween Songs

Published by Lashawna Montroy

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Having a Halloween party and your satellite radio doesn’t have a station dedicated to what you need? Download these songs on your ipod or mp3 player of choice and have a ball!

1) Monster Mash – of course! Even know there are multiples groans and ughs, this is a MUST to hear on Halloween.
2) Nemesis (Shriekback) Dark, ghouly and fun. Goth galore…
3) Theme song to Halloween – seven more days ’til Halloween, silver shamrock! Brings back memories and puts you in the mood for carving pumpkins (oh, and peeking out the window)
4) Thriller – even though MJ is a craze right now, Thriller is always fun on the 31st of October
5) Don’t fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult) – because people will be dressing up like them
6) Riders on the Storm (The Doors) – dark, moody and mood setting
7) Bark at the Moon (Ozzy) – because what a better time to think of someone biting off the head of a bat? Oh, and the song’s good, too!
8) Ghostbusters theme – pop in to cheesy mode and this is your song. Lightens things up a little
9) MC Hammers The Adams Family – also fun, cheesy and prompts people to try to remember how the words go. Fun little ditty.
and number ten goes to….
10) Tubular Bells as heard on The Exorcist. Most people who saw the movie when it first came out were forever terrified and changed. Play this track and you’ll have people talking.



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