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Alternatives to Candy for Halloween

Published by Londa Yerly

fast food kids-meals toys, use halloween as an excuse to pawn them off on some other grateful kid. The toys change fairly often, so younger kids may see something they’ve never seen before.

2. Snack-sized crackers, chips, string-cheese, or small juice boxes
These may be slightly more expensive then candy, but also slightly healthier, and still fun. Some pre-packaged snacks are even sold with Halloween designs on the packages.

3. Foreign Coins
The old lady who gives out pennies is never a favorite, so why don’t you try something a little more interesting. Go to your local bank and exchange a few dollars for some interesting foreign coins. Put them on a dish, tell the trick-or-treaters what they are and give them a chance to paw through your pile to see what looks interesting. Educational!

4. Sugar-free gum
If you’re worried about the possible negative effects of fake sugar, then this probably isn’t the option for you. But a value pack of wrigleys can be about $0.25 for 5 sticks of gum, and less in bulk. By giving out gum, you’re actually contributing possibly to the kids’ dental health, so pat yourself on the back for that.

5. Stickers or tattoos
Some mystical force in the universe makes stickers irresistable to kids, and fake tattoos even more so. They’re cheap, and easy to hand out. Just go to the dollar store or a craft store and buy a few interesting packs. Then pass out a sheet to each visitor.

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