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Become a Zombie for Halloween

Published by Mckinley Catterton

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How to Turn into a Zombie in Three Easy Steps

Halloween is such a fun holiday; we can be anything we want to be and even take a walk on the dark side. One of the easiest and most popular costumes is the zombie. From George Romero’s, Dawn of the Dead to his latest, Survival of the Dead, our fascination with zombies keeps growing.

Start with the make up.

You will need:

White grease paint (clown white)

Color sticks, black & blue

Stage blood

Baby powder, in a clean cotton sock and knotted at the open end

Baby oil

Nail polish, black or purple

Soft make up brush

Begin by coating the face with cold cream or baby oil. This will help the make up go on smooth and make it easier to remove. Using a make up sponge or the finger tips apply a light coat of the white grease paint over the face and neck, including the back of the neck if it will not be covered with hair or clothing.

Next using the black color stick color the area around the eyes. Use your fingers to blend the make up so the eyes look more like hollow sockets then black eyes. Add a touch of blue, not too much, blending, until the desired effect is achieved.

Very lightly with the finger tips using the black color stick, highlight the sunken are just below the cheeks. Continue to play with the colors until you are satisfied with the look.

Now “set” the make up. Using the sock filled with powder as a powder puff, close your eyes and hold your breath, and powder, powder, powder, every inch of make up. Brush off any excess with a soft brush.

Now add the blood. Using professional stage blood, or mix your own with food coloring and corn syrup, drip on a small or large amount of blood, coming from the mouth and/or nose. Allow to air dry.

The clothing is the easiest of all. Think about what do you want to be? A cop, a nurse, a nerd or yourself? If wearing normal clothes, a long sleeve button down shirt and long pants work well, if the sleeves and pants are shredded.

Any skin that is showing should be lightly coated with grease paint or at least dusted with a little powder. Add a wig that is disheveled or mess up and powder your own hair, then paint your nails with black or purple nail polish.

The hardest but most fun part of being a zombie is the walk. When George Romero was asked during the filming of Dawn of the Dead by one of the actors playing a zombie, “How do I walk?” he replied.” I don’t know, just walk like a dead person”, so the zombie walk was invented. Each zombie is different. Most move slow, some dragging limbs, some wander about, arms waving in the air …decide how you as a zombie are going to walk. This is the most important part of the character.

If you need ideas on how to walk visit the zombie walk site that takes place each Halloween in Toronto, Canada.



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