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Best Picks for Halloween 2016 Events at Universal Studios, Orlando

Published by Kerrie Mccalley

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If you’re making your way to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios this year, be prepared for a frightful adventure beyond the usual lineup of screams and terror-provoking attractions. Halloween 2016 in Orlando is buzzing with activity as early as the end of September, and Universal Studios continues to be one of the most popular venues for catching a few Halloween spirits.

In addition to the usual lineup of shows and scare antics after dark, Halloween 2016 means more scare zones throughout the park, text message games while you wait in line, and special appearance from Bill and Ted. Here are some of the best picks for Halloween 2016 events at Universal Studios, Orlando:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Universal Studios, Orlando
The cult classic returns for another year, so make sure you stop by the performance tent to watch this wild event comet o life. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the most popular shows at Universal, so you’ll need to make your way to the stage at least 20-30 minutes before start time to get the best seat.

Once Upon a Nightmare Scary Tales at Universal Studios, Orlando
If you’re a fan of the dark side of fairytales, make sure to catch the Scary Tales attraction in the Haunted House. You can also explore the Fractured Tales in one of the newer Scarezones, a place to walk through graveyards and spooky pumpkin patches while learning about the grim truth behind classic Grimm favorites.

Asylum in Wonderland Scarezone at Universal Studios, Orlando
One of the newest scarezones for Halloween 2016 at Universal is this spinoff of an Alice in Wonderland maze. You’ll walk through Alice’s nightmare as you try and figure out how to escape the mind-boggling maze.

Interstellar Terror at Universal Studios, Orlando
Walk through this part of the Haunted House to help uncover the myster y of the missing NSO Columbus 1492 spacecraft. You’ll be working with the crew to disarm the destructive artifact on board, and it’s a high-energy experience that might just keep you up all night.

Doomsday at Universal Studios, Orlando
This attraction is based on the Universal Pictures blockbuster, and gives you a chance to walk through different parts of the movie’s key scenes. It’s your chance to play the leading role by dodging the Reaper virus and getting out alive….

Universal Studios is staging another year of attractions and shows, and the fun kicks off on September 26, 2016; still, the scare factor might not be appropriate for all ages. From the Asylum in Wonderland Scarezone to the Fractured Tales experience, make your way through these exciting attractions at Universal for a frightful Halloween 2016 celebration.




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