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Best Theme Parks for Halloween

Published by Anthony Fukada

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Many theme parks have special design, ride, and other changes for the Halloween season. Some add new attractions and some just decorate old favorites. Here are some of the most popular theme parks that make some changes for the Halloween holiday.

  1. Knott’s Scary Farm in Buena Park is considered by many to be the best theme park for Halloween. Knott’s Berry Farm started the Halloween seasonal theme before anyone else. Historically Knott’s Scary Farm has ranged between being uber-scary to lame. However for almost the last decade they have decided that scary was what the people wanted. They have new haunted houses and add decorations and people inside rides to scare you on your old favorites. Just walking around the park an employee/Zombie might jump out and scare you.
  2. Disneyland also has Halloween celebrations. However as Disneyland is meant for families it is kid friendly. The only major changes you will see are decorative and the annual Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion. Disneyland is mostly trick or treating offering candy to costumed children at various locations. If your child is not costumed don’t worry a cast member wont turn them away from the candy.
  3. Six Flags Valencia offers Fright Feast every year. Fright Feast offers new Halloween décor to the park. Rides stay the same except for some added décor. Depending on the year and variables such as financial health, expected attendance, and the desire of the powers that be to scare people the park may feature people walking around to scare you. Fright Feast at Six Flags always offers at least a couple of Haunted Houses to go through.
  4. Valencia is not the only Six Flags that offers a Fright Feast. Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo also offers a Fright Feast. Marine World was offering Halloween experiences at the park even before Six Flags bought them. While Six Flags Valencia might be the more famous of the parks offering more world famous, and record breaking rides Six Flags Marine World has a leg or being Marine World a tail up on there more famous and respected cousin. Six Flags Vallejo has a better Fright Feast. Vallejo always has costumes people walking around ready to scare guest, make changes to your favorite rides to make them spooky, and they typically offer far more haunted houses to go to.
  5. Kennywood has a long proud tradition of scares and Halloween is no difference. Kennywood offers the same typical Halloween Haunted experience with new décor and haunted houses.
  6. Universal Studios is famous for its big name monsters like King Kong, and Dracula so it is no surprise that Halloween they throw out all the stops. Both coasts of Universal Studios offer scary Halloween experiences. Of course they have some of the best looking zombies with the most realistic makeup wandering the park and the same goes for all the other monsters roaming the park. They have a high number of wandering cast members some are friendly and funny and some not so friendly. There haunted houses are often there own creations instead of generic ones form some other company that makes haunted houses. Universal Studios is one of the best theme parks if you are looking for a good scare.
    Whether you want to trick or treat in a happy family friendly environment or get scarred there is a theme park that is right for you this Halloween.



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