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Woodland Christmas: For The Outdoor Lover


Here are some fun ornaments to make to celebrate the hunter or woodsman in your life. With hunting season kicking in to full gear, this is a fun surprise for the hunter in your life. Red and Black plaid Hunter Vest Ornaments Materials Needed: Red and black plaid fleece-scraps Jute ...

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Romantic Christmas: pearls and lace


Today is all about romance. The directions will include a tree skirt and ornament. The materials are listed for the tree skirt but not the ornament. The ornament is made from scraps of the tree skirt. For this reason, if you want to make a lot of ornaments, add fabric ...

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Quilter’s Christmas: Applique or Quilt a Designer Tree


Initially I came up with this idea for quilting but if you add in appliqué pieces or do the project solely in appliqué it still works. It doesn’t make it wrong, only different. It is more about what you want to celebrate than about what technique the directions say. Crafters ...

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Easy Christmas Crafts for Primary Grades: CCD Holiday Projects for First and Second Graders


Creative, age-appropriate Christmas crafts are crowd-pleasers in religious education classes leading up to the holidays. The right Christmas craft for first- and second-graders is something they can do by themselves without becoming frustrated, and with little help from their teacher. Children feel so proud to take something home that they ...

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Poker Players Christmas: Ho Ho Hold ’em


People love the challenge of Hold ’em and the thrill that comes from winning a big pot. Here is a fun gift you can give to the poker pro (only in their own mind) in your life. It is a tabletop tree decorated to celebrate their passion. You can use ...

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Nautical Christmas Concepts: Decorating with a Seascape Holiday Theme


A few simple seaside-themed ornaments and decorating tips can create the atmosphere of nautical beauty in the Christmas season. From lighthouses to old-fashioned lanterns, a seaside feel can create a magical Christmas setting through a seaside-inspired atmosphere. Certain Christmas decorations can create the illusion of a coastal home or New ...

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Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids


The Christmas season is full of opportunities to spend time with family. From Christmas parties to holiday preparations and more, Christmas is a family-oriented time of year. If you want to make the most of the holiday season this year, spend time with your kids by engaging in some Christmas ...

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Make Crossword Puzzle Book as Christmas Gift: Low Cost Idea for Challenging Holiday Present


Crossword puzzles are a favourite for seniors who live alone, convalescents, people whose work means hours on planes or commuter trains, people who like a challenge, and many other folks. Customized Christmas Gift Many free, downloadable crossword puzzles are available online. They come in varied degrees of difficulty and can ...

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Make a Christmas Snow Globe: A Holiday Craft That Makes a Great Gift


What could be more tranquil or inviting than the wintery worlds peacefully displayed within the glass of a holiday snow globe? They are so intriguing against the hustle an bustle that generally fills December days that the temptation of giving them a shake and watching the snow gently resettle to ...

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