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Christmas Decorations

Fabric Silhouette Christmas Decorations


This project can be adapted to any holiday or season, simply change the fabric and shapes used to suit the time of year. This is a similar process to creating photo statues, which are another, more personalized option of decorating for the holidays. Create displays or scenes using standing silhouettes ...

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Christmas Decorations Storing Tips


Santa has come and gone, now it’s time to take down the tree and store all the Christmas decorations until next year. If a few extra minutes are spent preparing Christmas decorations for storing at this time, when the lights and ornaments are removed from storage next Christmas, they won’t ...

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Cheap Christmas Decoration Ideas


There are several cheap ways to decorate for Christmas that will make your home a Christmas showcase, looking like hundreds of dollars have been spent, when the actual price tag will only be a few dollars. Scout Consignment Shops and Flea Markets Consignment shops, especially those near a retirement community ...

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