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Halloween Food

A Halloween Alternative to Candy

Sign Up Healthy Trick or Treat Snack Ideas This Halloween, your kids will undoubtedly be inundated with tons of candy and junk food. Everything is good in moderation. However, since trick or treating offers up such a wide variety of chocolate and candy, why not offer your own healthy alternative. ...

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Halloween Pumpkin Pops

orange candy melts. Set the stick into a Styrofoam block, or even a glass bowl of candy. When the melts have set up pipe on a bit of green frosting as the stalk on each pumpkin. Don’t waste the stumps that you’ve cut off of the mini muffins. Spread frosting ...

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Halloween Tips for Kids with Food Allergies

Halloween candy handed out on Halloween which can leave kids with food allergies feeling a bit disappointed on an otherwise fun evening. Having safe, fun treats for kids with food allergies to choose from can help eliminate the disappointment kids have when they can’t eat many of the treats received ...

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10 Nontraditional Ideas for Halloween Candy

Halloween candy and other treats. 1. Vegan Halloween candy – Hand out candy without the guilt of animal torture and animal sacrifice. These five vegan Halloween candy ideas include fruit flavored nibbles and chocolate for the more traditional minded vegan. 2. Gluten-free Halloween candy – Kids with gluten allergies or ...

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Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Alternatives

diabetes or food allergies. Providing alternatives to Halloween candy can make trick-or-treat night just as enjoyable for them. A survey of 1,200 children by KidsHealth.com revealed that many kids actually appreciate treats that are not sugary, sweet, or sticky. I grew up with one such kid. He was always just ...

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Four Tricks to Make Halloween a Meaningful Treat

Sign Up Halloween can either be a time of meaningful traditions and fun family time, or it can become just another meaningless holiday that devours our money with ridiculous decorations and fattening food. Here are five traditions to help take Halloween and Fall to a deeper level with your family. ...

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