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Halloween Food

Halloween Trail Mix

It’s Halloween and children will be picking out costumes to ring doorbells and say the magic words, Trick or Treat. Bagsof orange or black, will be overflowing with candy everywhere. Many times the over abundance of candy is overwhelming and almost tiring. However fall is also the time of the ...

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Avoid Halloween Treats That Trigger Allergies

Halloween is a special time for children across the country, but it’s also a time when children with allergies are particularly susceptible to reactions to certain foods. Picking up a small piece of candy with chocolate, nuts or gluten can throw a child into a severe allergic reaction. Keep Children ...

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Halloween Treats for the Grandparents

Sign Up Get Grandma and Grandpa in on the Fun! Children and parents alike look forward to Halloween. The fun of dressing up and trick or treating along with the Autumn decorating and community events make Halloween one of the most loved holidays. Make your Halloween celebration a little more ...

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Easy Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tips

Sign Up Orange streaks in your hair always add a bit of energy to the mood. So spray on some color and enliven your hair and your Halloween. Eschew sugar and hand out the presidential gold dollar coin. No matter how young the trick or treater is tell them to ...

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Halloween Cupcake Picks

Sign Up Monster Cakes Supplies: Straws or sucker sticks Styrofoam balls Paint, markers, beads, and/or other craft supplies When you’re decorating cupcakes for a Halloween party it can get tedious. You have to prepare the frosting, frost the cupcakes, and then put icing in a bag. Dispensing it is the real tricky ...

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