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Halloween Food

Corn and Pumpkin Halloween Characters


Sign Up Miniature Halloween People While everyone else is busy carving huge jack-o-lanterns this Halloween you can do something much different. Making Halloween characters from corn and pumpkins is a fun project for kids or adults. Miniature people can be made to set outside, around the larger jack-o-lanterns, or inside ...

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Gourmet Halloween Treats

Gourmet Halloween Treats 1

Remember the days when Halloween was all about the candy? Okay, sure, we still eat all those little treats that come out for Halloween. But, what if adults could enjoy treats that were gourmet? Wouldn’t you love to sit down to a Halloween treat that was created more for the ...

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How to Check Halloween Candy

How To Check Halloween Candy 1

It’s always fun for children to go trick-or-treating. However, in today’s society, even though it is sad, there are those crazy people that don’t tend to think anything of putting harmful substances in the candy or other treats that they give out for Halloween. This means that as a parent, ...

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Halloween Treats Don’t Have to Be Sweet!

Halloween Treats Don't Have To Be Sweet! 1

Handout Suggestions for October 31 Recently I received a catalog in the mail full of goodies and products for any occasion. Of course, right now the catalog’s theme is Halloween. October 31 is right around the corner when it comes to placing orders and receiving them. So I looked at ...

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Best Ways to Check Halloween Candy


Sign Up Although mostly not a problem, it is important that parents check their children’s Halloween candy. There have been numerous Halloween horror stories, ranging from people putting razor blades in apples to poisoned candy. Some of these incidents proved to be hoaxes or overreactions but despite this it is still vital ...

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Halloween Candy Corn Cards


Halloween Candy corn card idea is the perfect Halloween craft for kids. If you are throwing Halloween party this year, then have the kids help you make these fun and whimsical candy corn Halloween invitations! Your guests will really be in the mood for Halloween when they see these fun ...

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