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Halloween Food

Organizing Halloween Food Drives

Sign Up Halloween is the Unofficial kick-off of the Holiday Season, when most people are more receptive to the idea of giving, in time as well as monetarily. This is also the time of year that most charitable organizations need the most help, as their resources are stretched beyond reasonable ...

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Ten Sites for Hard Halloween Pumpkin Patterns

Sign Up Downloadable Stencils One of the most fun (and messy) activities of the fall season is pumpkin carving. Whether you’re doing it with family and friends or for the sake of showing off your prowess to the neighbors, carving a Halloween pumpkin is a traditional experience that shouldn’t be ...

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Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Alternatives

Trick or Treat activities. Hubby then remembered we had some Mardi gras beads left over from a festival we had participated in that year. Great idea! And, what a hit! The ‘halloweeners’ loved them! It was fun to be known as one of the houses that was “giving out cool ...

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Healthy Halloween Treat Options!

Sign Up For those of us families who are health conscious, Halloween can be a nightmare. How can you prevent your children from indulging in candy bar after candy bar, inevitably getting a sugar high and running around the place until they crash and collapse from exhaustion? How can you ...

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