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Halloween Food

What is Halloween Trunk or Treating?

Sign Up Should You Let Your Kids Do It? Silly parents. Trunk or treating sounds funny but it’s perfectly safe. Allow me to explain. First there was door-to-door trick or treating. Then there were indoor trick or treat streets and carnivals. Now, welcome the latest Halloween trend, trunk or treating. What the ...

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Five Halloween Candy Alternatives

Sign Up The time has come for those frightful little tots to fill their bags with candy. Along the way, they will get more cavities and hyped up on the sugar rush. Well, there are alternatives to this unhealthy tradition of candy collecting and munching. Listed below are five great ...

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Candy Corn Invitations for Halloween

Sign Up It’s never too early to start thinking about what invitations you want to use for Halloween. I’ve found it’s always best to prepare ahead of time. If you’re a Halloween nut like me, then you’ve probably given some thought to what kind of invitations you want to send ...

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Hairy Finger Halloween Finger Food

Sign Up Talk About Being Literal About Finger Food! Some may call my humor slightly twisted, other may call it certifiable; I call it FUN! How else to get into the spirit of Halloween other than to draw from one’s darker side? This is a great snack the kids can ...

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Healthy Recipes for Halloween Trail Mix

Sign Up Halloween is yet another Holiday that seems to revolve around food. Many of you will be hosting parties, attending parties, or just be needing something to munch on while watching scary movies. Trail mix is a healthy alternative to candy, and you can receive many nutritional benefits based ...

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