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Halloween Classical Music Favorites of All Time


Sign Up Haunting Classical Favorites for the Ghoul in You Whether you are setting up the mood for Halloween with freaky classical music or just want to scare your neighbors and friends with a fiendish set of classical compositions, you must include the following dastardly ghastly classical compositions: Night on ...

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Halloween Music…For Free


Sign Up Do you need some Halloween music to liven up that party or gathering you are going to host? Well, then I’ve got some great Halloween music online that is perfect for when you feel like saving some money. Here is the best free Halloween music on the web: KidsMusic.co.uk This ...

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Top Horror Soundtracks for Halloween Music


Sign Up Scary, Tense, and Suspense-Filled Halloween Music Whether you are looking for Halloween spooky songs to dance the night away at your ghoulish Halloween party, or want creepy, Gothic sound effects to scare trick-or-treat seekers there are a great number of songs and Halloween sound tracks from which to ...

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Top 10 Halloween Songs for Your Haunted House


Sign Up Ambient Songs to Create Chilling Atmospheres for Any Haunted Attraction If there is one holiday that is more about mood and atmosphere then any other, it is Halloween. Finding that mix of fun and haunting, freighting and exciting will make or break any haunted house or Halloween party. ...

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Reagan’s Top 10 Halloween Songs


Sign Up When it comes to holiday music, it’s not often you can find some genuinely cool and modern songs to play at parties. It is especially hard for people that subscribe to musical subcultures such as punk and hardcore. This list will not be genre specific in the least. ...

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Top 10 Halloween Songs You’ve Never Heard


Sign Up Halloween is just around the corner. Whether you’re throwing a neighborhood Halloween party or simply getting into the Halloween spirit, you’ve probably thought of making a mix CD. You’d like your playlist to be unique – and let’s face it, everyone’s already heard Monster Mash, along with the many variations ...

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Halloween Music: Greatest and Scariest


Sign Up In No Particular Order… Thriller-By Michael Jackson- A song which explores the thrills which occur in the night. A couple is walking in the night and come across scary creatures that are out to get them. Michael is telling the lady he will protect her from the thrills ...

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