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Halloween Songs

All-time Best Halloween Songs

All-Time Best Halloween Songs 1

Having a Halloween party and your satellite radio doesn’t have a station dedicated to what you need? Download these songs on your ipod or mp3 player of choice and have a ball! 1) Monster Mash – of course! Even know there are multiples groans and ughs, this is a MUST ...

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Top 10 Halloween Songs

Top 10 Halloween Songs 1

And a Few Hints at Picking the Perfect Songs for Your Halloween Event! Everyone loves a good Halloween party. Picking the right music can sometimes be a little tricky. Remember to mix up the night with both scary music and music that is fun to dance to! You also can’t ...

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Top Ten Halloween Song Selections


Sign Up The Strains of the Screams Just as there are drunken ditties of joy on New Year’s, love songs for Valentine’s, and Irish jigs to be danced for Saint Patrick’s, there are some songs which, upon hearing them, make one’s mind flow toward that spookiest of holiday times, Halloween. ...

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Truly Terrifying Halloween Music


Horror movies are back in fashion and we’ve come to appreciate that spine-tingling eerie feeling of being scared out of our wits. We’ve come to appreciate that psychological horror is much scarier than overt cheap scares. We’re also tired of the sound effect CDs that you can buy at every ...

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Heavy Metal Music for Halloween

Heavy Metal Music For Halloween 1

Heavy metal fans, are you tired of the Halloween bashes that only seem to serve up the same old regurgitated and trendy “safe” music? How many times can you listen to “Monster Mash” on Halloween before you find yourself forcefully restraining your own growing need to mash somebody’s speakers? How ...

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Top 10 Halloween Party Songs


Sign Up You’re throwing a halloween party. You’ve told your guests to come costumed, you’ve gotten some kick-ass recipes. Now all you need is a playlist to blast over the speakers. May I offer these suggestions? 1. “Monster Mash” by Bobby “Boris” Picket It was a number one hit in1962, ...

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Halloween Dance Songs: A DJ’s Top 10 List


Michael Jackson singing backup! 9. Clap For The Wolfman – Guess Who (1974) -The Guess Who, and for that matter, Wolfman Jack will certainly appeal to mature audiences. But the slow, groovy rhythm and the clap, clap, clap make it an instant favorite for those hearing it for the first ...

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