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Halloween Stories

Halloween Stories, Contests and Jokes


HalloweenGhostStories Scary Halloween Stories – AmericanFolklore Classic Halloween Stories (Legend of Sleepy Hollow etc…) – Halloween.com Halloween Stories for kids – Kaboose Halloween Tales Very scary for those who are brave -Terrifying Tales – Paranormal @about.com Spooky Tales and Stories – Holiday Spot Halloween Contests (some may be local, national ...

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The History of Halloween Part IV


candy. Our neighborhood was so big, my friends and I wouldn’t take a plastic pumpkin, but instead a pillow case. Often we would do one half of the neighbor hood, stop by the house to empty the pillow case and go out again for the second half. It took us ...

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Fun Halloween Cookbooks


Kitty Litter Cake”. (No one will be able to forget the delectable “nuggets” hidden away in that cake, I can promise you that!) Here are some of my personal favorite Halloween cookbooks that include recipes unlike any you have ever seen before! Gross-Out Cakes: The Kitty Litter Cake and Other ...

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A Funny Halloween Story

FunnyShare.org - Scary stories dogs tell one another around the campfire... funny pics

Sign Up The Flamethrower Indicident Binghamton, New York. October 31, 1984. Mickey Donnelly told his mom that he was going to hang out with Evan and Anthony giving out treats to the kids who hadn’t outgrown dressing in costume. Last year was his graduation from donning makeup and fake brains. ...

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