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Halloween Stories

Tips for Telling Halloween Stories


Sign Up Halloween stories must be told late at night. The later they are told,the better the stories will be. Midnight would be an ideal time to tell Halloween stories. It would be even better to tell them outside at a campsite, under the moonlight. It would be a good ...

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My Funny Halloween Memory

My Funny Halloween Memory 1

It’s almost that time again, Halloween! As an adult, I know that we all can remember some kind of story about Halloween when we were children. Some might be funny, some scary and some are just plain fun! I know that we can all remember the excitement of picking out ...

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A Humorous Halloween Memory

A Humorous Halloween Memory 1

Scaring My Friends with a Haunted House The first unlucky souls were Cindy and Heather. They claimed that they wanted to go first so they could get it over with. They also refused to go alone and became permanently attached, arms tangled, as we walked toward the barn. It was ...

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A True Scary Halloween Story

A True Scary Halloween Story 1

A Night to Forget I have loved Halloween my entire life. I think I came out of the womb asking for candy and a scary movie. When I was a kid it did not matter how harsh the weather was, nothing would out of my thin, store bought costume, freezing ...

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A Halloween Tale About the Spooklight

A Halloween Tale About The Spooklight 1

It’s almost Halloween and time for stories about one of Missouri’s favorite spooks-the mysterious Hornet Spooklight or Devil’s Promenade. This mysterious light has been reported for more than 100 years in a field near the ghost town of Hornet, Missouri. Although hundreds have seen it, no one has been able ...

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Top 10 Halloween Books for Young Adults


vampires and others came after her? Sequels include Kitty goes to Washington, kitty takes a holiday, kitty and the silver bullet, and kitty and the dead man’s hand. 6. The historian by Elizabeth Kostova A scholar’s journey through the terrifying history of Dracula. The real Dracula, complete with historical massacres, ...

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