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Halloween Stories

The History of Halloween — Part II


Halloween is derived from Hallowe’en which is a shortened version of All Hallows’ Even (All Hallows Eve). Even is an older abbreviation of evening which we have shortened further to -eve. Halloween gets its -een from abbreviating even to -een. It is the day before All Hallows Day. Many people ...

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Top 10 Halloween Books for Teens

Top 10 Halloween Books For Teens 1

Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Oh My! I compiled this list of Halloween books from both old and new stories, short stories and novels. This list is by no means complete, but offers a sampling of some of the best scary and spooky stories out there for teen readers. Witch Child by ...

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My Funniest Halloween Memory

My Funniest Halloween Memory 1

Halloween Memories We Can Laugh About Now The funniest Halloween memory that comes to mind today involves us being the new kids in the neighborhood. Actually, being the new kids in the neighborhood from the other side of the hill. That is where the quest to fill our goody bags ...

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Funniest Halloween Memory

Funniest Halloween Memory 1

How the Scare of My Life, was Funny One Halloween when I was ten years old I got the surprise of a lifetime, and the prankster got the scare of his lifetime. My father, however, got the laugh of a lifetime. It was by far one of the funniest memories ...

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My Scary Halloween Story

My Scary Halloween Story 1

This Story Changed My Life My scary Halloween memory has left me dreading the holiday every year now. It was Halloween night. It was a nice evening, not to cold, and not raining… a perfect night for trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. We lived at this duplex for almost two years, ...

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Top Ten Halloween Books for Kids

Top Ten Halloween Books For Kids 1

Halloween is a Great Time to Promote Reading in Your Child With its many ghosts, goblins, witches and pumpkins, Halloween is a very colorful time of the year and a wonderful opportunity to get the kids reading. There is a plethora of “kid lit” out there, but here is a ...

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Funny Halloween Memories

Funny Halloween Memories 1

The Magic of All Hallows Eve Have you ever played the game where you try to guess how many of a certain item are in a jar? How many gum balls or how many rubber bands, for example? It seemed impossible, didn’t it? When you’re young you always feel like ...

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The Best Halloween Books for Pre-Teens


Sign Up Halloween is the holiday of storytelling. When the trees shed their leaves and monstrous masks appear on store shelves, children everywhere take an interest in the supernatural and the macabre. Everyone needs a good ghost story to tell. Here are ten books that can give your pre-teen fabulous ...

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Where to Find Halloween Stories

Where To Find Halloween Stories 1

What’s more fun at Halloween than sitting around in the dark and listening to scary stories by candle light? Ok, for the sake of safety, make it a flashlight. But regardless, this is one tradition that you and your kids definitely shouldn’t miss out on this Halloween. But for this ...

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