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Scary Halloween

Halloween Hospitalization

Now, I’ve been told that some day…some day…what I’m about tell you will be in my book of funny Halloween stories. I don’t know. Maybe enough time hasn’t passed yet, because I haven’t really been able to bring myself to laugh at what happened to me this past Halloween. October ...

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Halloween Hospital Horrors

Nurse Ratched Lives A ratchet, a mechanical device for controlling rational motion. Nurse Ratched, a mechanical device for controlling rational emotion. Nurse Ratched defines the triple “H” threat, Halloween hospital horrors, as she can be found in a hospital near you. For who else is going to do the dirty ...

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Scary Websites for Halloween

Sign Up .. .Even If You Celebrate Halloween Every Day! There are so many website with Halloween themes, that you are sure of finding something to suit your taste and interests. Here are some that will appeal to all age groups. If you are planning an event, there are plenty ...

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Tips for Telling Scary Stories on Halloween

Lights Out! Fear of the dark is perhaps one of the most common phobias amongst both adults and children. As such, darkness is a common theme in almost all things related to horror. Thus, effective lighting for your storytelling session is perhaps the most important tip of all. Extremely low ...

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Scary Halloween Personal Story

As a little kid, I was told repeatedly, “There’s no such thing as ghosts.” Presently, I’m not so sure of the answer to that question. While living in New York, on Long Island, I learned of a local urban legend based around Mount Misery Road, a street that had inspired ...

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Halloween Not-so Horror Nights

Sign Up A Night of Fear. Not so Much Lady Luck is here, and the commercials suggest you better run! It is that time again. Halloween is right around the corner which means Universal is now preparing for Halloween Horror nights 21. The event will open at the end of ...

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