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Scary Halloween

Halloween Horror

The Civil War Ghost of Halloween-a True Story – Oldwarrior On a scorching Halloween weekend in 1959, I was once again shunted off to visit relatives in the depressing southern town of Lucedale, about an hour’s drive north of my home on the Gulf Coast. The relatives in this case ...

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Scariest Halloween at the Drive-In

My scariest Halloween memory happened over twenty years ago. I was a freshman at an all girls’ Catholic high school. My brother was a senior at an all boys’ Catholic high school. It was Halloween night and we were triple dating in a convertible. I was going with my first ...

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Halloween Fear

This story is totally true and has never been shared with anyone other than family members due to the amount of embarrassment that my sister and I felt…until now. It was Halloween, about 15 years ago, and my husband and I had been to a party at my sisters home ...

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