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Choosing the Right Halloween Invitations for Your Party!

Published by Dagmar Towns

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When you decide to host a Halloween party, one of the most fun preparations is creating your Halloween invitations. Invitations to any party should be both fun and informative. Any Halloween invitation should give appropriate hints about the party itself. Before you send them out, you should decide on a few party activities that you’d like to showcase. Halloween parties should have at least a few party games, and you may want to mention a few of these on the Halloween invitations. As a host or hostess, you need to plan your activities with care, and your plans will be reflected on your Halloween invitations. Here are some invitation ideas that will reflect your party plans.

Bobbing for Apples
If your party is for children, using a Halloween invitation that showcases bobbing for apples may be a good idea. Not scary or spooky, this fun game is a typical idea for young children who enjoy a contest. Bobbing for apples originated with the first Halloweens. The Celtic New Year celebrated the passing of the summer and the transition into winter. On this one day, it was believed that the dead could rise again. The celebration mixed with the Roman festival Ponoma, bringing the superstition that the first one to bite an apple would also be the first to fall in love. If you plan to use this game, your Halloween invitations could use a few harvest graphics.

Haunted House Party Invitations
Many typical Halloween parties include haunted houses. This tradition started in the United States, but no one is sure when or how it began. But the origin seems to have been with the non-profit groups like the Kiwanis Club and the Jaycees. They used to create them in local buildings to raise money for charity. These days you can decorate your own house or schedule to meet at an already open Halloween haunted house, this is a great idea.

Ghost Stories
If you decide to have a ghost-centered theme for your party, be sure to use a Halloween invitation that models a floating ghost or two. Telling ghost stories at Halloween parties introduce a fair amount of fear into your crowd, and they often stay in the memory of those listening long after the party is over. In the early 1900s, some well-known people were stranded in an old house and began having hallucinations of ghosts and the like. Their imaginations made for great stories, and they also make for great Halloween invitations.

Scary Movies
Inviting your guests to bring their own favorite Halloween or scary movie is also a great idea. Be sure to mention this on your Halloween invitations, and when your guests arrive, you can take a vote to decide what to watch. New and old scary movies are worth a watch, so you can help your guests scare themselves silly. Many popular Halloween movies have been based on scary creatures, and they are fun to imagine.

Creating Halloween invitations for your party is really important-making a great invitation will lure your guests in. Remember to use your party plans to create or choose your Halloween invitations.





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