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Classic Halloween Tricks to Pull on Your Spouse

Published by Emelina Hopskins

pranks and tricks must be in the spirit of spooky and fun, nothing mean spirited. No fair pushing at a button, such as a deep-seated fear of spiders, or something that will embarrass your spouse especially at work or in front of friends. And all clean-up falls to you. A joke is far less funny if the victim has to vacuum or scrub for a couple of hours. And absolutely nothing that could be dangerous, such as a scare while someone is driving, or pretending to put something they are allergic to into their food.

Trick #1: Sweet Night Set-up

First, stock up on gory costume makeup at the local discount store, the bloodier and more dramatic, the better. See if you can find a hanging eyeball or a huge, stitched up wound. Throughout the day, promise your spouse an evening that they’ll always remember. (nudge-nudge, wink, wink). Make your face as gory and dramatic as possible, while getting the bedroom ready with soft lights and sexy music, and dressing in lingerie or silk boxers. Call your loved one into the bedroom and wait for the shrieks.

Trick #2: Background Hilarity

For a mild, but cute, gotcha, replace your spouse’s normal computer background with something Halloween inspired. Try typing in “Halloween background” in your favorite search engine for some good ideas. This is even better if you can get a coworker at work to help get the computer at work as well.

Trick #3: Squeamish Lunchbox

Go to a well supplied dollar or discount store, or more expensively, a candy store and stock up on the largest gummy insects, especially cockroaches. Next time you pack your sweetie a pb and j or turkey sandwich, put a gummy roach in between the bread. For best effect, leave half of it sticking out the sandwich.

It’s important to stay with candy insects on this one. Every once in a while, someone will be distracted enough not to notice the big plastic insect until they’ve either chomped right into it, or even worse, swallowed it.

If your spouse doesn’t pack a lunch, try adding one or two to dinner. Salads work well for this.

Trick #4: Spooky Computer Game

Make ’em jump with this computer game. Email your loved one a link to the Exorcist Maze game:


Tell your spouse that it’s a fun game to test competitiveness or fine motor control. Make sure that the volume is turn up on the computer.

Trick #5: Body Parts

The more, the better, is the rule on this one. Ghoulish heads, severed fingers, even plastic gloves filled with red jello. Fill your refrigerator with a madman’s delight of ghastly remains. It works best if you can suspend the best (especially a head) right at your loved one’s eye level.

Trick #6: Confetti Gotcha

Discount and stationery stores will carry bags of glittery, Halloween confetti, buy one or two bags. Type your spouse’s name and address on a heavy weight envelope with the return address of your bank or some other important business and fill with confetti. For added realism, have the envelope mailed to your home.

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