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Create a Halloween Haunted House at Your Office

Published by Irina Spinoza

the office into a haunted dismay, by placing cob webs on them as well as fake snakes dangling from the clocks, or fake bats.

Fog machines are great if it’s approved, and so is scary music, one with either screams or make your own by screaming and saying go back danger go back. Be creative and maybe have other co workers pitch in.You can buy white sheared cloth from a cloth store and rip it up place fake blood on there then drape this on chairs or co workers chairs. You can also purchase those stick on window clings with bloody hands and place them next to your haunted house or throughout the office. Some of the other ideas are to buy mason jars and put fake eye balls in it or rubber worms or snakes and display around the office, if you would like to give your employee’s an extra treat you can purchase those gum balls that look like eyes or purchase gummy worms place in a jar and set on co workers desk. If you would like to get personal and yet staying within your haunted house theme grab some cardboard boxes, you may even have these in your office and paint them gray. Cut them out to look like tomb stones, then write a cute phrase on them such as, here lays Pete, who can never remain in his seat, or here lies Deb who died searching the web, or here lies Mary, underneath this stone, she died from never getting off the phone. Make them personal so every one will enjoy. You may purchase items from either Party City, or Walmart and even some Dollar stores.

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