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Creepiest Halloween Layouts and Graphics for MySpace

Published by Winnifred Raridon

MySpace page when it comes to the million and one ways that you can do it. Whether you like to go with the most gory, scary, creepy or just plain old spooky for your page, there is more available to accomplish this than you might think. You may be one of those people that pretty much look like they celebrate Halloween all year long. If not, maybe you just look like you celebrate it every weekend as I use to when I was young enough to get away with it. Check out the following sites for some of the greatest graphics and layouts you could ever need to get ready for the most awesome holiday of the year. There are so many options to dress up your MySpace page for the Halloween holiday and I’ve also added a few suggestions.

One great way to do up your page is to start with a layout of Skulls and you can find plenty of them at hotprofileplus.com. Then peruse their massive array of graphics which is conveniently broken into subcategories here. To go with the skull background you may want to just add graphics of skeletons and skulls which you can find on this site in animated and non-animated selections. They also have over one hundred choices of dark horror layouts if you prefer to not be limited.

I also found some creepy layouts at satisfaction.com which is another of my favorite sites for graphics and you can check these out by going here. Once you have your layout, then you have got to take a look at the graphics available and you can start here. At the bottom of the graphics you will also find choices for additional graphics under other categories which also work such as Devils and Dark Gothic and also some note generators to make your own special messages.

Profilegraphix.com is a good place to go for some of the more gruesome graphics you might want to use whether you’re looking for animated or non-animated graphics. Severed heads, bleeding bodies and good ole fashion fire and brimstone sort of stuff is what you can find here. There is such opportunity to make a really disgusting profile page if that’s what you want to do. Also check out all the graphics available under their Halloween heading here. With choices ranging from the macabre to the preciously cute you will be able to get codes for animations, dividers, banners, icons, dolls, glitter graphics and posters all sure to please the true freak in you.

A great site to find possibly everything you want to freak out your page is halloweenjoys.com. You will find cool layouts, graphics, comment boxes, comment graphics, glitter graphics, countdowns, icons and even funny Halloween pictures to add a variety of items to your MySpace page. Above and beyond the normal call for Halloween graphics, this site also offers e-cards, music and much, much more.

Pyzam is another cool site for Halloween graphics and some layouts though you won’t find anything here that’s too creepy for all you soft bellied folks. These are not my favorite layouts, but maybe you will prefer these simple ones as opposed to more busy layouts. If you prefer to have a friendlier MySpace page, then the options of graphics they offer here will fit the bill as they are more cute than scary. The same goes for their layouts.

Personally, since I really enjoy this holiday, I usually get my own MySpace page ready long before the holiday gets here so I can change my graphics and possibly even my layout once or twice since I always stumble upon something I prefer over what I have. Hope you find what you’re looking for in any of my above suggestions and Happy Halloween.

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