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Creepy Halloween Destinations Around the World

Published by Marvin Carreira

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Most Halloween rituals involve the usual trick or treating, haunted houses, and Halloween parties. If you like to travel, and enjoy all of the dark and eerie things associated with Halloween, check out some of these places!

Pine Lachaise Cemetery in Paris is the resting place of rock legend Jim Morrison of The Doors. This cemetery, especially with its Fall foliage, has the perfect creepy setting of any Halloween fans. With above ground tombs, thousands of old tombstones, mausoleums, and statues gives this place a creepy Halloween feel.

Just to see this monstrosity of a castle is enough to send that creepy little Halloween lover’s imagination into overdrive. Bordering Transylvania and Walachia, Romania sits a fortress said to be once owned by Vlad Dracula, our modern day Dracula. Imagine telling people that you went to Dracula’s castle for Halloween.

Not only do we have the familiar witches, vampires, and ghosts as a part of our Halloween stories, we also have the tales of Black Magic, or Voodoo. What better place can you go where the tales of this nature exist than New Orleans?

Right outside the city sits an area that has been voted as one of the creepiest places on earth numerous times, Manchac Swamp. Legend has it that you can see the red glow of ghostly alligators eyes floating in the murky waters. Carry a torch as you take a tour deep into this swamp. See hundreds of dead ghostly bodies floating in the water, the drowning victims of a deadly tidal wave that occurred there in 1915.

Travel to New England this Halloween season and spend some time in the place famous for the famous Salem Witch Trials. Twenty six peopled were hanged after being accused of witchcraft. Hear about the history of these trials and visit The Witch House on the corner of North and Essex streets. This city offers many tours during the Fall and Halloween seasons.

Estes Park, Colorado is home of The Stanley Hotel. If you are wondering what is so special about a hotel, then just think of the movie, The Shining. Stephen King stayed here when he became inspired with the idea to write the novel. Although the movie, The Shining, was filmed elsewhere, The Stanley Hotel was the site for filming “The Shining” television series.

Visitors can view room 217 that inspired the eerie mind of Stephen King. Other ghostly legends are also associated with this historic region. Take a Halloween weekend and get away to Colorado. Get a DVD of “The Shining” and rent a cabin overlooking the beautiful Fall foliage. Go take a late day tour of The Stanley, then come back to your rented cabin and watch the movie by a fire in privacy and comfort. Couples that love Halloween could make this a great romantic weekend.

Another place to visit in the United States for Halloween can be found in Tennessee. Bell Witch Cave has guided tours throughout the month of October. Supposedly haunted since around 1817 by a witch. Enter the cave and an eerie feeling may overcome you. Some people have reported feelings of “being watched”, and hearing voices as they walk past closed, restricted areas along the tour.

For those couples who love the dark side of Halloween, or a romantically spooky getaway, these are only a few of the destinations that await you this season.

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