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DIY Halloween Wedding Theme Invitations

Published by Erinn Creeks

black A2 envelopes (purchase more than you’ll plan to use in case of addressing errors), a gold metallic pen (one pen for every 30 invitations), black A2 cards (one per invitation), orange A2 cards (one per invitation), edging scissors in the pattern of your choice, double-sided tape and a ruler (optional).

Have your list of guests and their addresses at the ready. You may also wish to order matching Halloween return address labels for your invitation envelopes to save time and enhance your theme.

To make an invitation, take a black A2 card and line the edging scissors up along the edge of the card to ensure an even cut. Edge the entire card using this method.

Write your wedding invitation and RSVP information on the card using the gold pen. If you need help keeping your line straight, you may wish to use a ruler. Keep the information centered:

John Smith and Jane Doe
Invite you to join in their Halloween wedding celebration

Sunday, October 31, 2016at 4 o’clock p.m.

Main Street Community Center
123 Main Street
Anywhere, USA 55555

RSVP to Ellen Doe(555) 555-5555

Tape the edged and addressed black A2 card onto an orange A2 card after the gold pen has dried. Before you place the invitation into the envelope, address the envelope to your guests. Include the guest’s full name and address on the envelope. Don’t forget to include the return address label and stamp.

When the gold pen has dried on the envelope and invitation, gently slide the invitation in the envelope and seal the envelope. The text on the invitation should face you.

To make the invitation more festive, include one or two tasteful stickers on the invitation. A sticker can also ensure that the envelope remains closed in transit through the mail system. You could also include confetti in the envelope with the invitation.

Proper invitations never tell a guest how to dress, but if you’re hoping to have guests arrive in Halloween costumes, you may include an additional line such as “Halloween costumes encouraged but not required.”

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