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Double-Decker Halloween Cake Pops

Published by Zena Droke

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Two Pops in One

Cake balls, doughnut holes, small muffins, and other desserts
Sucker sticks
Embellishments, like frosting or candy sprinkles

Yawn, here we go with the cake pops again! Well, Halloween is coming and they’re very fitting for a celebration. But aren’t we all getting a little tired of the same old ball of cake? Sure, the ball can be made in any flavor, and can be fashioned to look like a baby, a kitten, a hot air balloon, or even a jack-o-lantern. But it’s still just that single ball of cake. That’s not enough to fill anyone up! Come on, can’t we all be just a little more generous than that? Give ’em two! A double-decker cake pop is a bit more filling than an ordinary cake pop and it gives you the opportunity to get even more creative.

When you put two cakes on a sucker stick, and make a double-decker cake pop, you open up a world of new creations in desserts. For Halloween, in particular, you give double the frightening fun. The double-decker can hold two identical cake ball pumpkins, one cake pop jack-o-lantern and one marshmallow monster, a cake pop ghost and a scary chocolate bar sign, or another combination. Your guests will think you’ve gone mad – how appropriate for Halloween!

Make cake pops like you normally would, baking the cake, crumbling it, stirring in the frosting, and shaping the balls. Or, consider a different type of cake pop. You can put many desserts on sticks, like tiny muffins, strawberries, banana slices, pineapple chunks, doughnut holes, and sandwich cookies.

Decide on the arrangement that you want and make the cake pops. Some combinations that you can do for Halloween include a doughnut hole pumpkin with green leaf frosting, on a stick with a doughnut hole ghost, with black gel facial features. And, two sandwich cookies on a stick, frosted and decorated to look like ghosts or jack-o-lanterns. Or, a small cupcake with a small cookie above it. Write “Happy Halloween”, or another phrase, on the cookie.

When you make double-decker Halloween pops you can give a cake ball and a cookie, two doughnut holes, two tiny cupcakes, a doughnut hole and a cupcake, and many, many other combinations. Use extra long sucker sticks made for large suckers to accommodate the extra dessert on the stick. Your guests will love your creations and you’ll feel like you are giving them a little more than a single bite of food at your Halloween party.



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