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Easy Halloween Party Ideas

Published by Ernesto Fabroquez

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A few easy ideas for decorations, activities and food to add to any Halloween or fall themed party.

  1. Refreshments!

Everyone needs something to drink. Make some quick and easy “blood” for your vampires by mixing red food coloring into any light colored beverage, and serve.

2. Spider Donuts.

A simple and fun treat. You will need one chocolate covered donut, eight pipe cleaners, and two pieces of candy corn per serving. Bend the pipe cleaners into a ‘V’ shape. With the bend in the ‘V’ pointing up, stick four pipe cleaners into each side of the donut (you can add an extra bend at the end not in the donut to create feet). Stick two pieces of candy corn into the front for eyes. Serve!

3. R.I.P. Cake.

When something more than donuts is called for. Make a single layer rectangle cake, either recipe or box mix. You’ll want to have it out of the pan and cool before you try to work with it. Once the cake is prepared, carefully cut one end of the cake so that it is curved like the top of a gravestone (if you’re new to shaping cakes, cut out the desired shape on paper first, place over the cake, and simply follow the pattern). Frost with gray frosting. Remember, when frosting the cut end, place gobs of frosting on top and frost downwards, and do not allow the frosting to become too thin; otherwise you will get cake crumbs in the frosting. Once the cake is frosted, use white decorative icing to write “R.I.P” or any other desired message across the tombstone. For added decoration, you can use chocolate shavings (or crumble some of the remaining cake if it was a dark cake) around the bottom of the tombstone to look like dirt.

4. Decorate – cobwebs.

Cobwebs are a quick and easy decoration to make. Stretch them apart until they are thin and stringy, and place them around the room. Plastic spiders make a great addition once these are set up.

5. Coffin.

Turn a side table or coffee table into a frightening coffin. Place an empty box, slightly smaller than the table, on top and centered on the table. Drape a large black cloth over the top. Surround with bouquets of flowers to honor the “dead” in the coffin.

6. Pumpkin Pinata.

Blow up one balloon to the desired size. Prepare paper mache by cutting up strips of old newspapers; once those are ready, mix glue and water together to create a soupy solution. Tape the bottom of the balloon to your work surface. Place a piece of string, yarn, twine, or whatever you’re going to use to hang the pinata across the top of the balloon. Dip a strip of newspaper into the glue mixture, then beginning at the top, place your thumb and finger against the paper and slide downward to remove the extra glue. Place the strip of paper on the balloon. Continue until you have an entire layer covering the balloon – but leave a spot open at the bottom (around the tie in the balloon) large enough to place any candy/favors/etc into. Allow the first layer to dry; then repeat until you have 3-4 layers of newspaper over the balloon. These layers should cover the string/etc that you put on top; but enough length should stick out from the sides to hang the pinata by. Once these layers are finished, turn the pinata over and pop the balloon. Fill with whatever candy/prizes/favors/treats you wish, then paper mache the hole closed. Finally, paint the pinata to look like your favorite jack-o-lantern. Hang up, and let your guests go!

7. Painted Pumpkins.

Particularly for the kids at your party. Place newspapers or other covering over a table, set out pumpkins and washable paints, and let the kids go!



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