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Easy to Make Halloween, Easter or Christmas Grapevine Wreath

Published by Jennifer Hammerly

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Grapevine wreaths are very pretty and they are easy to make for any holiday or birthday. You can easily make your own grapevine wreath by taking some grapevines and wrapping them up in a circle. Intertwine the grapevine on itself to keep it together. If you don’t want to make your own grapevine wreath you can buy already made grapevine wreaths at a craft store and they do not cost much money.

Once you have the wreath you can decorate it for any holiday you want to like Christmas, Easter or even Halloween. You can personalize the wreath with a name of a family or a person that you want to honor.

Collect tiny ornaments or toys or anything that matches the holiday you are making the wreath for. For example if you are making a Halloween wreath get some tiny ghosts, skeletons or pumpkins and glue them on the wreath with a hot glue gun.

For Easter you can get plastic eggs, bunnies or bows and glue them into place with a hot glue gun. Christmas can be the most fun to make with tree ornaments, dreidels, Santa’s, snowmen, ribbons bows or anything that relates to Christmas.

Collect the decorations that you want to glue into the wreath and set them into place on the wreath. When you get it the way you like it then glue the decorations into place with the hot glue gun.

You can make a grapevine wreath for every holiday and for the birthdays in your family too. You can personalize a grapevine wreath for a birthday with pictures of the birthday person and little things that the birthday person is interested in. If the birthday person likes cars put toy cars in the wreath. A birthday person who likes dogs can have tiny plastic dogs in the wreath.

You can make grapevine wreaths very personal and give them away as presents to people. You can put their name on the wreath in store bought letters or you can glue on a wide ribbon that you have written the name of the person or family on.

Grapevine wreaths can be displayed inside and outside the home. You can put a grapevine wreath in the office or on your mailbox. A grapevine wreath is a great decoration that can be used for many holidays and birthday as a great decoration. Make a different wreath for every holiday of the year. Grapevine wreaths are easy to put up and store for later use.




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