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Encountering My First Halloween Ghost

Published by Jannette Piedigrossi

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Encountering My First Halloween Ghost
Wanda D. Bruckner

It was a cold, damp night. My friends and I had been anticipating this night for months. We had all planned what we’d wear and the cool places we would visit. There was going to be a hayride at our church, followed by a visit to a Haunted House.
We were all going to meet at Lexie Baptist Church. I was the first to arrive. My adrenaline was pumping as I walked over to the truck that had a large trailer hooked to it, filled with hay bales. This was going to be my first hayride and my first Haunted House to visit.
Shortly, we were all gathered and began to take places on the trailer. There was 50 of us in total. It was a full moon and the night was very eerie as the moon had a large foggy ring around it. We all sang songs that was lead by our chaparones. After singing a few songs, or chaparones told us about the house we’d visiting. I found the story to be most intriguing. The owner of the house had had a heart attack and died suddenly. We weren’t told if it was a man or a woman. Yet…, in my mind, I knew without a doubt it was a woman. We sang a few more songs and we arrived at the house.
As we entered the driveway, a huge bonfire was blazing. There were candles leading up the steps. Someone dressed as a ghost carried a candle that would lead us into the house and into each room we were to visit. Everyone was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect, as we began our tour.
There were sheets hanging as we entered each room. We were blindfolded and told to put our hands inside the sheet. Someone on the other side of the sheet would then put your hands into something. We were told it was brains, intestines, hearts, eyeballs, and blood. As we came to the last room, our blindfolds were taken off and we were surrounded by goblins, Frankenstein, vampires, witches, skeletons, and more ghosts. Each one made their own unique sound and would chase you out of the room.
As my blndfold was taken off, I quickly took in everything around me. I took a few steps forward and hit a cold spot. I told myself, “This is just another trick they’ve made to scare us.” When my eyes were drawn to the left corner of the room. There, sitting in a rocking chair was a woman with black hair, neatly in a bun. She didn’t look very happy and was glaring at everyone in the room. She was halfway transparent. I closed my eyes telling myself it was just a very good trick. When I opened my eyes, she was gone. Then suddenly, I was being pushed by something ice cold. I assumed it was one of the creatures. But…, when I turned around to see who it was , I saw the transparent lady with mean eyes. I screamed a hurdling scream and flew as fast as I could out of the house, shaking. Others ran following me.
Everyone waited for our driver to appear so we could leave. Some began taking their places on the trailer. While others waited with me by the bonfire. The ghost who carried us through the house came up to me and asked me if I was alright. He took off his sheet and told me he was the owner of the house. He asked me what had spooked me to scream and run off like that.
I described the woman I had seen to him and how angry she looked. I also told him about walking into the cold spot and how the lady was ice cold as she was pushing me. He told me that the lady I described was his mother. She was the lady who had died in the house. He asked me if I’d ever seen a ghost before. I told him, “No, she was my first.”
Little did I know that Halloween night had opened a whole new world for me. I’d later encounter many more spirits in my life and have more experiences with the unknown . Life as I’d always known it would change. Only time would reveal the secrets it wanted me to see and learn. Time would broaden my knowledge to help others who were also on the same path to accept their own gifts.

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