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Film Review – Halloween H20

Published by Georgann Pace

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Film that Should Have Ended the Series

Halloween H20 : 20 (H20) years later is the seventh installment in the Halloween film series. The film which was set 20 years after the events that happened on the first film.It centres on a stressed out Laurie Strode who was living in fear of Michael Myer’s return.

The first film released in 1978 was a cult classic that was based on the fictional character Michael Myers who had been committed to a mental institution as a child for the murder of his sister.Myers eventually escapes from the mental institution after 15 years and proceeds to Haddonfield, Illinois where he hunts down and kills several people.Along the way, his former psychiatrist Dr Sam Loomis gives chase.All this events happen on Halloween.The first film was directed by John Carpenter and is widely regarded as one of the best in its genre.

It was due to Scream writer Kevin Williamson’s championing of this project that led to H20 being a reality. The other reason is the return of former scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis, whose absence was keenly felt through a parade of awful sequels that appeared during the late-’80s and early-’90s. Curtis’ performance is hardly exciting but it gives fans a chance to see the harder edge that her experiences with Michael have made her. Her character definitely is the “functioning alcoholic” who finally gets a chance to face the demon who has haunted her nightmares for several years.

Curtis wanted Carpenter to return to the series as director.The famed director was keen but his asking fee of $10 million dollars was denied.Most of the cast consisted of fresh faces, some of whom were probably not even born when the first film was released.Josh Harnett of Black Hawk Down and 30 days of Night, makes his film debut while Janet Leigh of Psycho fame also made an appearance.Most fans however missed the presence of the late Donald Pleasance whose character Dr Sam Loomis was as part of Halloween as Michael Myers was.

For most horror buffs Halloween is a well-crafted excursion into terror, where the focus is on shivers,not splatter and gross violence. After the campy release Halloween 2, the rest of the sequels were shameful to the original.The worst being Halloween 6 which is generally regarded as the worst. Steve Miner’s H20 references the first film in several ways.There were scenes ( Myers crashing into a closet,characters trying to get past a locked door) that echoed Carpenter’s version.The theme song was also used widely throughout the film.

For most horror buffs, the film is generally considered the second best in the series with the most emphatic ending yet.The bottom line is simple- this remains an entertaining film for horror/slasher fans.However as most fans will agree, Halloween is a film series that has worn out its storyline and should be done and over with.



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