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Free Guide to Making Your Own Halloween Cauldron

Published by Merlin Leachman

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Making a Cauldron – The first thing you want to do is make sure that you large, plastic salad bowl is clean and dry. After this you will want to punch a hole in the top of the salad bowl using your hole punch about 2 inches away from the edge. You should now picture an imaginary line going from that hole to the opposite side of the bowl and make a secondary hole. You will be using these holes to later attach the cauldron’s handle.

Large white, plastic salad bowl
Hole punch – make sure to get one meant for thick plastic
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
20 Styrofoam peanuts used for packing
Black spray paint
Spray Glue
A leather handle strip- you can get these at craft or fabric stores

Next we will be adding lumps to the outside of the salad bowl to give your cauldron some texture. You should have your glue gun heating while you do the next step. Use your styrofoam peanuts and get them into four piece. You should first cut them in half at the middle and then cut each of these pieces in half again. You can go ahead and made them uneven and various sizes. This will give your cauldron some more character. Your glue gun should be heated up by now. You want to put glue on your styrofoam pieces and attach them to various places all over the outside of your salad bowl avoiding the bottom of the bowl.

While you are letting your styrofoam pieces set, we can work on the handle. Place your leather handle strip over the tarp. You want to spray the top side of the strip with an even coat of black spray paint. Even if your strip is already black, I recommend spraying it anyways because it will give the leather handle strap a glint to it. You can now go back to the cauldron.

Your pieces of styrofoam should now be securely set on your salad bowl. You now want to take t outside and place it over the tarp as well. You want to do an even coat all around the outside of the salad bottom, avoiding the bottom and making sure to completely cover the styrofoam. I recommend waiting 10 minutes and they spray painting it again. If it is still looking a little faded or light, you can wait again and give it another coat.

After your salad bowl and leather handle strap are completely dry, we will be connecting the two. You want to slightly fold one end of the strap lengthwise so that you can insert it into the hole in the salad bowl. After it is through the hole you want to put glue on the underside of the strap and press it down against the bowl to secure it. For extra security I also recommend putting a ring of glue around the hole and the leather where they first meet of the inside of the salad bowl. Repeat this process for the other side of your handle. The spray painted part of the handle strap should be facing upwards.

Lastly, you will want to spray the handle and outside of the cauldron with spray glue. After you have done this you should quickly dust the cauldron in glitter before the glue has time to dry.




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