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Free Kids Online Halloween Games “G-Rated” Fun!

Published by Shaun Azbell

online games that are fun and non-violent. These games, designed for school-aged kids, are great for parents, too!

(Press CTRL and click over the names of the games to play.)

Free Kids Halloween Online Games #1: Free Games Online

Scary Sleep Over

This Halloween online game is a hoot! Your job is to do the scaring. A “contestant” is in a haunted house. Your goal is to scare the contestant out of the house as soon as possible. The faster you do it, the higher your score. Buttons on the screen set off traps to scare the contestant. Set those traps off when the contestant is closest to them for the biggest scare. Don’t use the traps too often, or the contestant will get used to them. You have until 6 a.m. to complete the game. Caution: This Halloween online game is addicting. If you have homework, let your parents play. They’ll love Scary Sleep Over!

Free Kids Halloween Online Games #2: Yahoo Kids Games

Spook Busters

In this Halloween online game, a bat drops skulls on ghosts to fight them off. It’s not as easy as it sounds! The bat has to avoid ghosts’ green blobs, as well. Your job is to steer the bat, by using up and down arrows and the spacebar. You also will pick up clocks along the way to earn more time. Shoot the clocks to get bonuses. This Halloween online game is addicting. The graphics are cool!

Spooky Hoops

This Halloween online game takes a bit of patience and practice. That’s what makes it fun! A skeleton and a monster play basketball. You move using arrow keys and the spacebar to jump and attack your opponent. You can pick up Jack-o’-lanterns for energy. Once you pick them up, you can shoot a basket and go to the next level. One more thing– avoid the snakes!

Free Kids Halloween Online Games #3: Kaboose Funschool

For both games, scroll down the page a bit, and you’ll see the games listed on a left column.


In this Halloween online game a vampire wakes up in his coffin and finds a bunch of pesky villagers who want to destroy him. The vampire’s goal is to turn them all into the “walking dead.” It isn’t easy. The villagers have torches. They also have pointy sticks, water, and sunlight. The vampire can walk toward them if they don’t have torches. He can fly above them and conk them on the head to turn them into “the walking dead!” You help him by steering him in the right direction, using the up and down arrow keys and the spacebar. Vampy’s counting on you!


In this Halloween online game a mad doctor has his heads all mixed up. Your job is to find the head with the brain inside. Beware: the brains move around a lot. You have to keep up with head with the brain.

Free Kids Halloween Online Games #4: The Kidz Page.com

Eyeball Bounce

This Halloween online game has you see how many times you can bounce an eyeball up in the air by clicking on it. If it touches the ground, your score will start at zero. When a Jack ‘o lantern pops up, click it for extra points.


This Halloween online game requires that you remove pairs of matching Halloween tiles, from the screen, until there are no more. Tiles are only available if not covered by another tile, and there has to be a space on either the left or the right side of the tile to move it. Tiles must match exactly. If you get stuck, press “H” to get a hint.

Free Kids Halloween Online Games #5: FreeHalloween.com


I know. I’ve already written about Mahjong. This site has different graphics than the other one. It also has an easy and a hard version. Follow the same directions, as above.

Ghost Sokoban

In this Halloween online game, you help a witch push a bunch of pumpkins into fields in the corner of the screen. Sounds easy, but it isn’t! You click the space that you want the witch to move to, then press the arrow key to move her to this location. The witch can push the pumpkins. She can’t pull them. All pumpkins belong in the fields to win. This game requires patience and practice.

These free kids online Halloween games are just a sampling of what you can find on the sites. Check out some of the other games. Have a fun and be safe this Halloween!


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The Kidz Page.com

Yahoo Kids Games: kids.yahoo.com/games

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