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Fun and Healthy Halloween Snacks for Toddlers

Published by Kira Bloom

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A Treat for Everyone

Yes every parent knows this time of year. It is a time where it seems like everyone is trying to barrage your child with candy and other unhealthy snacks. What is a parent to do to make Halloween a fun and healthy time for kids? Here are some simple and fun ways to celebrate Halloween without overloading them with sweets.

1.)White plastic cups decorated as ghosts filled with popcorn or organic rice corn. This is a neat activity where children get to decorate cups with all sorts of spooky faces and still enjoy a treat(albeit a healthy one). This requires black construction paper to pre-make the mouth, eyes, and nose. It is a simple project where kids glue the shapes onto the cup, if you want to make it even more fun add Halloween stickers to the mix and let the kids color with markers(washable of course!). This is a great project for the younger kids.

2.) Carved apples with cinnamon. This is a sweet treat without all the sugar and really will add to the Harvest/Halloween theme. One of the best varieties of apples to use is Pink Ladies because it is already so sweet.(If you have to use another variety it would be best to add a pinch of sugar to the cinnamon). You slice the apple in two taking the core out. You can have fun carving a face into the apple skins and then dust the bottom of it in cinnamon(make sure you only do it lightly otherwise the cinnamon is too overpowering)

3.) Scarecrow. This can be one of the most fun activities to do with children around Halloween and is great for all ages. You take a sheet of wax paper for each child and place paint brush that has never been used beside it. Use a light ranch dressing for the “glue” and have a bowl of vegetables to decorate him. Use your own discretion whether the kids control the dipping or not. I have done it both ways and let me warn you it can at times get out of hand and a little messy if you allow them unlimited access. The vegetables that work the best are peas, olives, baby corn, red peppers, and green beans. This is a fun and really healthy way to allow children to celebrate the harvest season. It is also a great way of making vegetables more fun to kids and having them branch out a bit to try some they aren’t used to.



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